How to get from Narita Airport to Disney Resort

How to get from Narita Airport to Disney Resort

Access Guide★
Narita Airport → Disney Resort

How to get from Narita Airport(NRT) to Disney Resort

This article presents easy-to-understand for traveling from Narita Airport to Disney Resort!(Disney Land, Sea and Hotels.)

You should be able to find the perfect way to get there!


First, let’s understand its position on the map!

Airport to Tokyo Map

Narita Airport to Tokyo Train Map how to get to Disney Resort

Narita Airport is a bit distant from Disney Resort, taking 1hour by train or car.


It takes 1~2hours to get from the airport to Tokyo.

Four-Ways of Access

▼ This is a characteristic of each mode of transportation.

Narita Airport to Tokyo Station Access Methods

Please choose transportation based on price and destination.

Access comparison

Here’s the summary of actual fares and travel times▼

Narita Airport (NRT) to Disney Resort Access comparison How to get

Next, access methods for each transportation.

How to get by Train

Narita airport to Disney Resort How to get by Train

There are two train lines at the airport: the “Keisei Line” and the “JR Line.”

If you’re going to Disney Resort, it’s recommended to use the Keisei local line!

Using the express train requires several transfers and take more time!

★How to get
  1. Take train
    Narita Airport Sta.→ Higashimatsudo Sta.
    Take the Keisei Line Access Express bound for “Haneda Airport” or “Nishimagome”.
    ¥960 16min
  2. Transfer
    From Keisei Line to JR Line
  3. Take train
    Higashi matsudo Sta. → Maihama Sta.
    Take the JR Musashino Line bound for Tokyo Sta.
    ¥320 8min
  4. Arrive at Maihama Station

How to buy a ticket

There is a station on the basement floor of Narita Airport, and the ticket counters and platforms are divided between JR and the Keisei Line.

Tickets can be purchased at one of the following:

  1. Local line ticket vending machines
  2. Ticket counter

You can easily purchase tickets at the vending machines by selecting English, Chinese, Korean, or Japanese for display!


★Local train ticket machines

At this ticket machine, you can also purchase transportation IC cards such as “Suica” and “Pasmo.”

There is a 500 yen charge for purchasing an IC card, but you can get a refund at the ticket counter after use.*Refund handling fee of 220 yen.

about japanise transportation ic cart

★Ticket Counter

If you’re unsure how to use the ticket vending machine, you can always go to the ticket counter!

Narita Airport Station

Narita Airport has three terminals.

Before heading to Narita Airport, please check which terminal you will be using.

Narita Airport Station Map
source:Narita Airport
  • Terminal1…Skyteam, Star Alliance, Non-alliance, Oneworld
  • Terminal2…Skyteam, Star Alliance, Non-alliance, Oneworld
  • Terminal3mainly LCC *No Station

If you’re using Terminal 3, you’ll need to move to Terminal 2.

You can walk from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2, but it’s about a 15-minute walk.


There is a free shuttle bus available, so I recommend using that!

Disney Resort Liner

JR Maihama Station

When you get off at Maihama Station, “Disney Resort Line” is on your left side.!

Disney Resort Liner in maihama

You can walk to “Disneyland” and “Disneyland-hotel” in 10min.

But if you’re going to “Disney Sea”, “Hotel MIRACOSTA” or hotels near Bayside Station,

you’ll need to take the Disney Resort Line.

Disney Resort Liner Map

The Disney Resort Line accepts “transportation IC cards”.

But if you plan to take it three times or more in a day,

it’s more cost-effective to purchase a one-day pass!

1day pass

If you want to keep costs down, it’s recommended to take a train!

How to get by Bus

Narita airport to Disney Resort How to get by Bus

There is a “Airport Limousine Bus” from Narita Airport to Disney Resort .

★Airport Limousine Bus

Narita Airport ⇔ Disney Resort

¥1900 / Child ¥950
about 1h.
9:30-17:30 (Operates 1 to 2 times per 1 hour.)
Advance reservation available

How to buy a ticket

bus ticket

There are bus ticket machines located around each terminal bus stop.

★How to buy
  1. Choose a language
  2. Select a destination*1
  3. Choose the number of people
  4. Choose a departure time
  5. Pay the fee*2
  6. Tickets will be issued

*1. Destinations List: Disney Resort★

*2. The payment methods available are “cash”, “IC card”, and “credit card”.

★Tokyo Disney Resort Bus Stops★

Tokyo Disney Resort Limousin Bus stop

Bus stop

You can board the bus from each terminal.


★Terminal 1 (1F)★

Narita Airport 1 Bus stop

Buses bound for Disney Resort depart from bus stop “No.10”.


★Terminal 2 (1F)★

Narita Airport 2 Bus stop

Buses bound for Disney Resort depart from bus stop “No.17” .


★Terminal 3 (1F)★

Narita Airport 3 Bus stop

Buses bound for Disney Resort buses depart from bus stop “No.3”.


If you want to go comfortably, it’s recommended to take a bus!

How to get by Taxi

Narita airport to Disney Resort How to get by Taxi

There is 【fixed-rate taxi】 from NRT to each place of Tokyo. *Advance reservation required

Japan TAXI like that.

“NRT ⇔ Tokyo” has a fixed rate of ¥20,000, but you need to pay a highway toll in addition to the fixed-rate fare and pickup fee.

The highway toll is not fixed (the specific highway to be used has not been decided), and the actual toll is not known in advance.


It is estimated to be approximately between ¥25,000 and ¥30,000.

A taxi waiting at the airport (Local taxi) also cost about the same price or more.

Affordable Airport Shuttle Taxi!

If you need airport transportation, I recommend airport shuttles taxi.

Because they have a higher passenger capacity and are affordable!

Airport Shuttle TaxiTaxi

6 persons4 persons
/Per person.
/Per person.

And you can specify destination as you wish!


If you have a large group and want to travel comfortably, It’s recommended airport shuttle services!

Airport Shuttle Taxi ★BOOK


That’s how to get to from Narita Airport to the Tokyo Disney Resort.

Did you find the perfect transportation plan?


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