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【WatArun&WatPho】EntranceFee・OpeningHour・Dresscode. in2019

【WatArun&WatPho】EntranceFee・OpeningHour・Dresscode. in2019

In this article★, I wrote about 【how to go to WatArun & WatPho cheaply】, this time…

I would like to summarize basic information such as Entrance fees, Opening hours and Dresscode with pictures!

I’ll go to there on fashionable clothes!

That You! Wait wait wait…

There are some clothes you can’t enter at Thai temples!
(Also, I would like to show you nice Thai pants shop near the Wat Pho!)

These two are really wonderful temples, so please visit there in the correct clothes!


Let’s check the temple information in advance!

Wat Arun Basic Information

Admission/Clothes/Highlights Wat Arun Basic Information

Let’s start with basic information about Wat Arun!

Wat Arun has a wonderful white and magnificent building!
Moreover, when you see it close up, the decorations are so detailed that it is really beautiful!

But first, let’s check the basic information before the highlight!

Wat Arun
Opening hour

Wat Arun Opening hour

【Opening hour】8:00am~6:00pm
(Ticket sales end time⇒5:40pm)

Please note that the ticket office will close at 17:40pm!

Wat Arun
Entrance fee

Wat Arun Entrance fee

【Entrance fee】50B

Entrance fee 50B=about $1.6 !

The brown building near the Wat Arun entrance is the ticket office!

Wat Arun

Wat Arun Dresscode

×Don’t show your bare feet

At Wat Arun, you should wear clothes that don’t show bare feet!

Similarly, as Wat Pho does not allow to see not only your bare legs but also your shoulders, you should also pay attention to your tops.

By the way, both T-shirts are OK! Thai pants are also OK!

Wat Arun

Wat Arun Highlights

Here are some highlights of Wat Arun!

This white pagoda, Wat Arun, has a beautiful appearance. It means “Wat = Temple” and “Arun = Dawn”.

Although this tower had only 16 meters at the beginning, it was said that Rama III and IV were renovated to become the huge tower of 75 meters!

How beautiful decoration!


It’s just a white tower when seen from afar, but when you look near it you can see that it has very detailed decoration! Not only the shape but also the color is vivid!

Look like this▼ It is a surprise because of the decoration of all wall.

The tower is supported by Indra God Garuta, Monkey God…etc, who are appearing in Ramakien!

WatArun wall decoration

Wat Arun second floor


Wat Arun has stairs leading up to the top floor, but you can climb up until the second floor.

However, there was a fair height on the second floor! The pattern on the wall is cute!

Animal statues are also cute!


There are statues of such animals near the stairs of Wat Arun, they all have lovely faces and are cute!

That That was about Wat Arun

Next is basic information about Wat Pho!

Wat Arun Basic Information

Admission/Clothes/Highlights Wat Arun Basic Information

There are many temples in Thailand, but one of the favorite is Wat Pho because it’s amazing!

The statue of Buddha is powerful, plus the area of the temple is quite large and there are massages!

That’s Wat Pho’s basic information!

Wat Pho
Opening hour

Wat Pho Opening hour

【Opening hour】8:30am~6:30pm

Wat Pho temple is quite large and there are many places to see, it’s better to estimate at least 1 hour of stay!

Wat Pho
Entrance fee

Wat Pho Entrance fee

【Entrance fee】 200B

The entrance fee to Wat Pho is slightly higher at 200B ($6.5)!

However, the ticket with a Drink ticket so don’t lose it!

Wat Pho

Wat Pho Dresscode

×Don’t show your bare feet
×Don’t show your sholder
×Can not enter if you have a Buddha tattoo

Dresscode at Wat Pho is a bit strict, and it’s no good showing your body line!

If you want to wear some such a clothes, It will better to bring a big shawl.

Wat Pho

Wat Pho Highlights

Here are the highlights of Wat Pho!

Wat Pho is the oldest and largest royal temple! This golden Lying statue is famous!

It’s huge with a total length of 46 meters and a height of 15 meters! Has a calm face. This is impressive!

The soles are amazing!


There are 108 figures on the soles of Buddha that represent the worldview of Buddhism, and this superb flat foot represents the enlightened Buddha’s “superhuman aspect”! I’m flat feet too!

Overwhelmed mural

Overwhelmed mural

The statue is amazing, but also the surrounding walls are amazing too! Pictures are drawn on all walls!

The touch and color of this soft painting makes me calm down.

The color of the wall pattern is pretty cute!


Let’s throw away of 108 worries!


At Wat Pho, there are things you need to do, not just see!

That’s “throw away worries”!

Behind the statue of the Buddha are 108 bowls lined up. It is said that if you put coins in this bowl one by one, you will not have to worry!

First, buy coins for 20B. and…


In this way, put one coin in a bowl and walk.

Now is the time to throw away your worries! Let’s go without mind!

“(Nothing)………(Forget “nothing” at the beginning)………rich, rich, rich, rich!! Buddha, make me RICH!!!! namu-namu! “

You can get water!


After saw the Buddha and struggling with strong worries, you must be tired!

Let’s exchange drink ticket and water!

The place with water stand is at the back left of the building with the Buddha! At the light blue tent!


wat pho water stand

I was so hot and tired on this day that I couldn’t go anywhere else!

There are many exhibits here as well as the Buddha, so I think if you’re fine, it’s better to go around!

Wat Pho area massage
It’s expensive

There are 2 massage shops in this area!

It can get massages from students at the massage school! BUT…

There are Expensive!

It depends on the course, Foot massage 420B/1hour($13.5) etc.!

Too expensive! You can get cheaper in another town.

How about go to Cheap massage area?

▼The place is completely different, but it is a very cheap massage area.

It’s easy to get on the Chao Phraya Express(public boat)!

This Massage was only 100B/1hour($3.25) !!

Then, at the end, I would like to introduce the recommended Thai pants shop and finish it!

N8 ThaTian Pier
Cheap & Nice Thai Pants

N8 ThaTian Pier Cheap & Nice Thai Pants

A souvenir shop is lined up at 【N8 ThaTian Pier (Wat Pho side)】, which is a ferry boat connecting Wat Pho and Wat Arun.

The souvenir shop’s Thai pants are abundant and cheap! If you want to get thai pants here is recommended!

There are Free size (Adult size) and M size (Child size), and various types of tie pants from standard pants style to rolled skirt style!

However, durability is weak, and it seems that men tend to tear their crotch…

At the end

That was basic information about Wat Arun & Wat Pho!

How to go to these two cheaply by yourself ▼is here!

You can go there by Train Route $3, Boat Route $2 or less!, so let’s try it★

【How to go】WatArun & WatPho. Take Train & Boat by myself!
【How to go】WatArun & WatPho. Take Train & Boat by myself!   I want to know how to go to Wat Arun & Wat Pho cheaply by...

It is good to go on a tour!

Hot in Thailand and the crowd of temples, moreover the temples are quite large…we were physically tight even at the age of 30, so if you are not confident in your physical fitness, it is recommended to book a tour!

▼ The following tour will take you to【Wat Arun】,【Wat Pho】and【Wat Phra Kaew & Royal Palace】!

The tour will take you around the bus with a cooler, so it’s really comfortable! And with a guide!

I couldn’t go to Wat Pak Nam this time so I want to go next time!

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