New York Hostel Review THE LOCAL HOSTEL

New York Hostel Review THE LOCAL HOSTEL

25 years old summer.

I have been staying alone for a month in New York.

Today I would like to talk about the hostel I stayed at that time!

When I was still a specialized student full of dreams and hope, I stayed in New York alone for a month to receive an internship with an overseas collection brand! 

I’m working at a tiny apparel maker in Tokyo, but I sometimes remember that time.

Too long time to say travel,

It’s too short time to live.

It’s expensive in NY hotel, I wondered if it would be a guest house with single rooms or a hostel with several people…

 I decided to go to the hostel  !!

“The Local Hostel” which was attractive only with the photos !!

This time I will write about my stay while remembering that time.

Fashionable Hostel in New York
The Local Hostel

Well, tell you what kind of hostel the Local Hostel I stayed at was!

Right next to Manhattan, it’s a hostel built by rebuilding a warehouse in Queens, and it’s an oblong building with its image. I loved watching Manhattan from the roof!

As it is a hostel, it is basically a room for 4 people, but it was quite safe as it was divided into gender sharing and women only (and the key is required to enter women only)!

There are a bar and kitchen, laundry space and common space, and we have been able to spend a month without getting bored because events are held weekly and daily!

Well, here are the details!

One station from Manhattan


The Local Hostel is one station from Manhattan. It is located in Queens before crossing the river from Manhattan.

Exit Court Square, the nearest station, to a quiet intersection. It is a very quiet and small town just a single station from Manhattan.

However, there were supermarkets, junk food shops and coin laundry, so I had no problems with my stay here.

The local hostel is just 5 minutes walk from the station to the hostel.

The exterior looks like a warehouse, but the inside is modern and stylish.


Open the door, there is a bar!


There was a nice bar counter when I opened the door while pounding!  My one-month hostel life started with the people of the many countries.


13-02 44th Ave Long Island City, NY 11101 United States of America

$30~ /per

ホステルの値段 一泊3000円~

The price may be called a “hostel”, it is quite cheap.

It is about $ 30 per  a night in the off season. It’s about $ 50-110 in high season.

I stayed at summer high season so I stayed 28 nights and average $ 56 + tax.

For 4women only

ホステルの部屋 女性専用4人1室

When I finished the reception, the staff said, “Let’s carry luggage in your room?” And decided to asked it. (Because I brought 10 packages of rice, It’s sooooo

The staff guided me to the room while explaining the facilities in an easy to understand manner.

Room has toilet and bathroom (no bathtub)

I booked was a bedroom for four women only.

I usually use the restroom and bathroom here, but sometimes I used a co-sex bathroom when I used a hair dryer late at night.

London, Australia, Germany, Finland, and Japanese girls who became friends here.

People from different countries spent in this room together in turn. I have never met someone who I think was fortunate or disgusted, I have never stolen anything, talk from time to time, show each other’s stuff, go out together, really enjoyable time I was able to spend in this room. I felt as if I was dreaming everyday in the soft bed.

There is also a private room for 2people

It seems that there are a few private rooms in this hostel.

But the price is about the same as the hotel. It is very good location and facilities, so I would like to stay in a private room here, not a hotel when if I came with my husband!

Cooked almost every day


Of course it was eat out sometimes, but basically I used the kitchen to cook and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The large refrigerator that can be used jointly is written with the name and date of what you bought at the supermarket.

Both dishes and utensils could be used together and there was almost no feeling of lack.

Cooking with vegetables bought at Green Market


I bought meat and bread at a nearby supermarket and bought greens and fresh pasta at the green market on Sunday, so I enjoyed the food very much.

In the morning, when I was making lunch, the cleaning staff and travelers who came into the alternative kitchen said “good smell”.

Often held events
Cafe & Bar

ホステルのカフェバー 毎日何かしらのイベント開催

Bar open from morning to night. Especially in the evenings, it will be full of people from various countries. Once a week, They invited a band and had a live show.

We can eat at the kitchen counter, communal space, and the bar, but I used to dine at this bar.

The hot chocolate that a handsome staff makes is excellent


You can order not only alcohol but also drinks like coffee and small foods like bread and cupcakes at the bar.

I loved the $3 hot chocolate that a hundsome staff makes. It’s warm, sweet, mellow and very delicious!

Guests receive one free drink ticket when check in.

25cent coin saving started


There were around three washing machines and three drying machines in the shared laundromat. I used this laundromat once or twice a week, but for sure the washing machine was once a dollar (or $ 1.25 …).

Saved a 25 cent coin on the window

This washer or dryer can only cure 25 cents and consumes 4-5 cents of cure at a time. The 25 cent cure that everyone needs is often not enough at reception. So I tried to save 25 cents.

When I was not enough, I bought candy and juice from vending machine to get 25 cents. American tiny snacks are delicious, though.

I drew a picture on a fluffy sofa
Common Space

ホステルの共有スペース ふわふわなソファで絵を描いた

The shared space was large, and there were large sofas and large tables, and Several PCs that anyone can use.

There were books and toys that the travelers left.

Movie Monday


They do occasional events,  the most memorable thing is Jaws Monday.

Monday is the day of the movie, and the staff prepares popcorn and play the movie.

I had never seen Jaws, and I got a paper bag with freshly made popcorn and was on standby on the couch. But unfortunately there is no sound due to mechanical failure. I remember about half of the silent Jaws and thought, “It is unfair that only the son of the protagonist can not eat it with sharks.”

The scenery was the best

ホステルの屋上 マンハッタンが一望できた

The place I liked most at this hostel is the rooftop.

There were always beautiful beach chairs lined up there.

I knew the day before I returned Japan, the cleaning staff arranged chairs properly every day, dumped the trash and cleaned there.

Manhattan seen from the roof was great

And from this rooftop you can see Manhattan.

I loved Manhattan viewed from this rooftop. I had always been watching from dusk to night and sometimes I went to the roof to see the morning sun on a sleepless day.

The view only because one station is away from Manhattan.I hope I have a day to look at Manhattan from this roof.

Everyone friendly & kindness

ホステルのスタッフ みんな親切で優しかった

The staff here were all calm and helpful.There were  the receptionist and bar staff and the cleaning staff, they were both good people and never had a bad time.

The reception staff also carefully guided the facility to me although I did not understand English.

The cleaning staff also kindly speaks me out, and some people get along well enough to talk to each other. Thanks to them, I was able to spend a good time staying alone

Air ticket + Hostel reservation
How to arrange at a cheap price

Finally, I will write how to get this hostel cheaply with air tickets.

In conclusion, Expedia is the cheapest way to arrange. Because Expedia has the largest number of hotels (hostels) and airlines!

Moreover, it is possible to make a reservation for a trip one year later, so you can get a quick discount on the plane.

You can get a discount by making a reservation in combination with dozens of airport companies and hundreds of hotels (hostels).

Skyscanner is also recommended if you want to save on air tickets, but you can get cheaper ones on Expedia with similar results.

I always use Expedia because it often sells the hotels so it will be cheaper as a result.

Let’s Check it Out !!

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At the end

The Local Hostel is full of memories that are difficult to put together simply.

I also love this hostel so much that I decide to stay there again when I go to New York.

Hostels and guest houses are recommended because the hotel is expensive in New York, but if you are looking into a hostel, please take a look at this hostel! You should be able to have wonderful memories by yourself.

Check the rating of this hostel
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