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【Cheap Massage】Riverside massage in Bangkok!! Price,How to get to

The Cheapest riverside massage in Bankok

Hi everyone, Sawadee kap~!!

Many days have passed since I visited Thailand …

Nostalgic hot summer in Thailand! Japan’s summer is still far!!

Well, this time I would like to introduce you to a massage shop I visited in Thailand that is very cheap and has a great location right by the river!

How… 100Baht an hour as of May 2019! It depends on the rate, it is only 350Yen (US$3.2)!

If I don’t tell this to someone else, I can not finish the trip to Thailand!

so please read it!

The Cheapest Massage Area 
Wat Worachanyawas

This is the second time in Bangkok, but I stayed at the same hotel (chatrium hotel) for the second time. In the location, it is about a 15-minute walk from Sathorn Pier (Saphan Taksin Station-Sathorn Pier).  (more simply speaking, it’s in the middle of Sathorn Pier and Asiatique!)

I did not know last time, but there was this super-cheap massage area within 5 minutes on foot from the hotel.

Wat(=temple) Worachanyawas
Massage shops

around Wat Worachanyawas(the cheapest massage in thailand)

There is a temple called ‘Wat Worachanyawas’ where there is a Buddha statue. and many massage shops around this temple!

The orange triangle roof ↑ here is the entrance of a temple, but a massage shop begins in this way!

The inside was indeed a temple

Wat Worachanyawas

When you enter this entrance there is a Buddha statue …!

Lined up the massage shops

around Wat Worachanyawas massage
around Wat Worachanyawas massage

In this building, massage shops line up on the right and left!

There are so many massage shops in the temple … why!? That reason is…

The secret of cheapness

There is a massage school somewhere in this building!

And there is a massage shop so that people who learned at that school can work, and also people who are opening a business, so it seems that massage shops are gathering so much!

So a massage shop around here is cheap!

The massage around here is 120Baht an hour!

massage price

The price you care about… Everywhere generally the lowest price is 120Baht ( US$3.8)! too cheap!!

It’s ONE hour right?? C H E A P !!!!

And everywhere oil massage seems to be 300-400Baht.

Massage shops
Along the river

massage shops along the river

Going further, I could see the river! There is a massage shop along the river. This is the best location!

This is a Wat Worachanyawas

Buddha statue of Wat Worachanyawas

This is the Buddha statue of Wat Worachanyawas and it’s 25meters!

It is built-in 1798, after that, rebuilt. it looks historical temple!

There is a boat stop(the name is Wat Worachanyawas) just in front of this statue!

Anyway, it’s just the ceiling!   I think the taking angle was bad but narrow …!

Recommend Massage Shop
Blue Building 2nd floor

recommended massage shop

There was a Blue massage shop. (from the boat stop turn left hand).

I decided to get a massage on the second floor!

This Blue building has the first floor and the second floor, but it seems to be a separate shop!

The price was different from the first floor! The second floor was cheaper!  This pics price is the first-floor one!


Location is the best
Riverside shop

best location massage

I wanted to get a massage in a scenic shop, so I entered the second floor of this light blue building. (Unfortunately, I did not know the name of the massage store on the second floor.)

The view is great!! The river is right there!

And there’re a chicken and dogs! They’re walking freely! lol

Rented pants for free◎!

At first, you will be guided to the back of the shop…People who needed to go back were only those who needed to change their pants! Pants can be borrowed for free.

People in Thai pants were fine as they were!

Foot / Body Massage
100THB 1hour

ceiling pictures

There were mats lined up in the room and guided me to the vacant place.

When I lie down, there are many pictures of Buddha on the ceiling!

The radio plays a kind of soft music like the Stura.

Passing gentle time~

Male masseuse for male customers, Female as the same.

massage staff

Female masseurs are for female customers and male masseurs for male customers. (Some people asked them to change a person!)

I felt relieved that followed me like a kind woman!!

I touched my legs and said, “Foot massage, one hour please!”, she got it and started.

Massage technique and comfort depend on the Masseuse

foot massage 100Baht 1hour

My husband was also treated by a male masseur next to me. With the same foot massage, the method of treatment seems to be individual, and it seems that this male masseur was painful! lol

Sunset in Chao Phraya River is red, so beautiful…

チャオプラヤー川の夕暮れSunset in Chao Phraya River is redとマッサージ

A breeze blowing from the river, Calm sound flowing from the radio, A state where the masseur talks smiley…Soft and gentle time flowing.

Furthermore the river began to shine red. Beautiful sunset on the Chao Phraya River is right there. 

I was looking at the sunset while receiving a massage, the sun will slowly fall. The sunset in Asia is red and really beautiful !!

sunset from massage

After the massage
Tea Service

tea after the massage

When the massage was over, I served a cup of tea! Of course, it’s free.

The tired foot in Thailand has recovered considerably with a massage for one hour!

When I was drinking tea, the dog came in so I took a picture. The dogs here go freely here and there, but they were relaxed without barking! cute!


The Price
Basically 100THB/1h

The massage shop on the second floor didn’t even write the price and shop name, but it seems to be 100 baht per hour!

My father-in-law had a whole-body massage, but it was 100 baht too!

It seems that this massage shop was cheaper than the others because it is 120 baht for one hour everywhere!

・Foot massage 100THB/1hour
・Whole body massage 100THB/1hour
(As of May 2019)

The Tipping Rate

The tipping rate by massage in Thailand seems to be 50-100Baht, but the following seems to be common.

・If you receive a foot or full-body massage at a popular place = tip is 50THB
・If you receive a good treatment such as oil massage at a hotel or a luxury place = tip 100THB

Also, there is a thing to give 100 baht if the service and feel are good◎!

From at least 50Baht, if you want to more pay or not.

We paid 100Baht, but in this case, I think that no complaints will be said even with 50 bahts.

sunset Chao Phraya River

How to get to the
‘Wat Worachanyawas’

How to get to the cheap massage town 'Wat Worachanyawas'

Finally, I will explain the directions easily!

There are 3 ways to get there!

①by Boat②by TukTuk or Biketaxi、If you are staying at a nearby hotel, ③by Walk!!

★First of all, Aim at ‘Saphan Tak Shin Station’ or ‘Sathorn Pier’

Bangkok tourist site route train boat Map

※Click on the map to enlarge! Please save and use locally! (Please note that we can not take responsibility even if there are mistakes or changes in the contents …) ※If you want to use it for commercial use, please be sure to put a link on this page

In the lower of the center are the ‘Saphan Taksin Station’ and the ‘Sathorn Pier’. And Cheap Massage Town ‘ Wat Worachanyawas’ is the bottom of it, around boat mark ‘S2’!

From here, it is divided into ①by Boat or ②by TukTuk or BikeTaxi.

How to get to  Wat Worachanyawas
①by Boat

①How to get to  Wat Worachanyawas by Boat

First, please go to Sathorn Pier.

from a train, there is a boat landing just Exit 2 of Saphan Taksin Station and a little while!

Boat① Buy a ticket for the boat

ticket counter

It’s a bit confusing … but there is a ticket counter for Chao Phraya Express around HIPON HOPBOAT’s ticket counter!

Tell the destination here and buy a ticket! (Orange flag boat is 15 baht!)

Boat② Wait and Take the Boat

Sathorn Pier

Please wait until the boat arrives at the Waiting area↑

Boat③ The next stop on the orange flag boat is ‘ Wat Worachanyawas’

bankok boat root map

※Click on the map to enlarge! Please save and use locally! (Please note that we can not take responsibility even if there are mistakes or changes in the contents …) ※If you want to use it for commercial use, please be sure to put a link on this page

Take a boat coming from the right.

The first stop on the orange flag Boat from Sathorn Pier (red line) is ‘ Wat Worachanyawas’!

However, it is difficult to understand, so it is good to check with the Boat’s staff!  Who on board certainly, so please check with it.

Boat④ Get off when you arrive in front of the Golden Buddha statue

Wat Worachanyawas / วัดวรจรรยาวาส 


The boat landing at just in front of the Golden Buddha statue!

If you have difficulty communicating with the local staff, it may be easier to understand if you show this image↑ and the text ‘Wat Worachanyawas’!

You’ll get here, turn left and you will see a light blue massage shop!!

How to get to  Wat Worachanyawas
②by TukTuk / BikeTaxi

②How to get to Wat Worachanyawas by TukTuk or Biketaxi

If you’re heading for a tuk-tuk or bike taxi, it’s easy to show a map and an image of the golden buddha statue!

From Saphan Taksin Station, it takes about 5 minutes by a straight road.

Taking a bike taxi, it’s around 30THB, and TukTuk, about 50THB!

As the ‘Wat Worachanyawas’ entrance is on the opposite side of the direction, it may be dropped on the opposite of the road… In that case, if you cross the road and walk towards the triangular orange roof, it will soon at ‘Wat Worachanyawas’!

Wat Worachanyawas entrance

Map ‘Wat Worachanyawas’

 Wat Worachanyawas / วัดวรจรรยาวาส

How to get to the Wat Worachanyawas
③by Walk

③How to get to the 'Wat Worachanyawas' by Walk

This is only for people who are staying at nearby hotels ‘Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok’ or ‘Ramada Plaza Bangkok Menam Riverside’!

It is quite near to these two hotels!

Directions from ‘Chatrium Riverside Bangkok’

①Exit the hotel site and get on the road
②Turn right and walk for about 5 minutes
③Turn right when you see the street to the temple on your right hand!

Directions from ‘Ramada Plaza Bangkok Menam Riverside’

①Exit the hotel site and get on the road
②Turn left and walk for about 3 minutes
③Turn left when you see the street to the temple on your left hand!

From both hotels please follow the road to this temple!


The mark is an orange triangle and a pointed roof!


Getting is easy! The price is cheap! The location is good, too! It is a wonderful massage shop, please go there when you go to Bangkok!

By the way,  ‘Wat Worachanyawas’ is also very close to ‘AsiaTique’! It takes about 5 mins with TukTuk!(It takes 10 to 15 minutes to walk, but I think it will not get lost because it is a straight road)

I wrote the Chatrium hotel where I stayed, and the details of AsiaTique, so please read it!!

★If you wanna get a Great massage.

If you want to get a special massage in the city, It is recommended to make a reservation in advance!

When I went to a popular spa during my first stay, most of the reservations were filled up and I waited for 5 hours.

Thai massage is unexpectedly crowded …

Check Bangkok Spa

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