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【Thai Tour Review】Joined a World Heritage & Tourist Spot Day Tour

Thai Day Tour

Hi everyone, Sawadee kap~!!

A week has passed from that fun trip to Thailand.

Thailand was a scorching hell of 40 degrees, but Japan has finally increased the number of days like summer days!

Well, this time I would like to write about a day tour of the 2nd day!

Hotel pick up was 6:20 a.m.! (too early!! lol)

And it was over at around 19:00!

During these 12 hours or more,

I went around the Maeklong Market, Floating Market, Elephant Riding, and 4 Ayutthaya Ruins!! 

It is the second time to participate in this tour.

I joined this tour when I first came to Thailand and it was a lot of fun! So I wanted my parents to have experience!

Well, look at the state of such a tour!

Recommend Thailand Day Tour 
Main Tourist Spot

Second Thailand, and the second tour! However, this time, there was a list-on on the Mekron market that was not there last time!

So it became a hotel pick-up at 6:00 in the morning earlier than the last time! Lol

The daily schedule is like this ↓

Tour schedule

The tour schedule like that↓

ー Tour schedule ―
<in the Morning>
・ Pick me up at the Hotel
・ MaeklongMarket
・ Restroom at a coconut farm
・ FloathingMarket
<in the Afternoon>
・ Hotel buffet in Bangkok city
・ Visit 4 Ayutthaya Ruins
・ Elephant riding in Ayutthaya
・ Back to Hotel

It takes a lot of time to move, but it was good because I could take a break on the bus ◎
Then take a look at the tour!

Thai Full Day Tour①
Maeklong Rail Market

Maeklong Rail Market station

At first, we go to the Maeklong Rail Market from Hotel !!

Local people are calling this market “Tarato Rom Hoop = Market to close umbrellas”

People are doing business by the side of the track in this Meglon market, but it seems that the name is given because the tent is folded only when the train passes.

Originally it was the beginning of poor people in Thailand who built houses near this track and started doing business.

Not only Thailand, in developing countries, but people who can not have a home on such an ordinary land also tend to build a house near the railway.

By the way, The largest slum in Asia in India (Mumbai) was also near the railway.

The market just beside the railway

Maeklong Rail Market go on a railway

Once we arrived at the market, we walked towards the railway.

Actually…They’re doing business just beside the railway!!

They put the shop on the side of the railway, our walking place is only inside the railway! lol


All things are on sale in this market, but there is quite a lot of food such as vegetables and raw fish!

May is the hottest summertime in Thailand, with temperatures rising to 40 degrees during the day.

The fish shop’s area smells of strong raw materials because it sells fresh food under the scorching sun!

Egg shop

Maeklong Rail MarketEgg shop

 Dried fruit shop

Maeklong Rail Market Dried fruit shop

Vegetable shop

Maeklong Rail Market Dried Vegetables shop

Spice shop

Maeklong Rail Market Dried Spice shop

Vegetables and..burned to flog

Maeklong Rail Market burned flog

Accessory shop

Maeklong Rail Market Accessory

Thai pants shop

Maeklong Rail Market Thai pants shop

The train

When I was walking on the market like this, the announcement flowed out.

At the same time, the shop staff put in selling-things and start to fold the tent.

Shop staff shakes them hands to the people who are still on the track and saying “Enter in!”.

A few minutes after the announcement, the train appeared soooo slowly!


As soon as the train passes like this, they put on their tent again and start the business!
There are videos!

Delicious Mango smoothie


Well, if I walked on the railway, I reached the station.

There were food shops and shops selling smoothies, so I decided to drink with mango smoothies!

The smoothie is 30Baht = 100 yen(US$0.9)! That’s too cheap!

When I come to Asia, definitely drink a mango smoothie !! Mango is cheap and delicious in South Asia!

In Japan, mango is a high-class fruit, so it costs ¥1000-2000(US$9-18), but in South Asia, it can drink for around ¥100-200 (US$0.9-2.8)! And a big size!

Maeklong Rail Market Mangosmoothie

Surely it was fun even with photos alone?

The first time I went to the Mae Klong market was really fun and the prices were all very cheap!

After enjoying the Makeron Market, We went to the restroom at Coconut farm

before the Floating Market!

Thai Full Day Tour②
Coconut farm

thai local tour Coconut farm

It is a coconut farm that we stopped by in the restroom.

Here we could know how coconuts used in Thailand.

Sweet coconut

eat coconut

The guide put coconuts on their hand.

How was this coconut made…I forgot about it clearly!! lol

Although it was sugar-free, it was pretty sweet and delicious!

Coconut souvenirs

Coconut farm souvenirs

There are many souvenirs made of coconut here.

Figurines, soap and coconut oil, there are.

The coconut figurine is so cute!


Although there are many in other countries, this toilet was also charged. I forgot the price, but a few baht.

Of course, it couldn’t wash the paper! 

Thai Full Day Tour③
Damnoen Saduak
Floating Market

thai local tour Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

The floating market was about 10 minutes drive from Coconut Farm.

This floating market name is Damnoen Saduak Floating Market,  It is the largest floating market in Thailand !!

Take a Hand rowboat

If you come to the water market, you have to get on a boat!

I was able to get on at 200 baht per person for an extra charge.

The last time I did not have Thai baht at this floating market, I got a cat’s figurine with a Japanese yen 1000 bill…

This time I have prepared Thai baht for extra!

Souvenir shop around the river

Floating Market boat

When I took a boat, They start rowing.

There are a lot of souvenir shops in the water market like this!

Selling food and drink

Floating Market food

The floating market is not only a souvenir shop but also selling drinks and ice cream or food.

basically, they said that the three to four times price 

Floating Market souvenir

The figurine of a coconut I got before looks only 300yen(100Bath) or so、The The first price offered was “600Baht = 2000yen(US$19.4)”  (so I got it JP1000yen..cuz I haven’t enough money..)

If you want to buy it, it is better to buy it at Asiatique!!

The guide bought us some fruit

Floating Market fruit

When I got off the boat, Guide gave me a fruit by saying, “Everyone eats! I want you to eat some delicious Thai food!”

It was delicious with mango and rambutan and fruits that taste like grapes!

Souvenir shop

Floating Market thailand

After that, I had free time so I went around to see the souvenir shop!

There are souvenir shops besides water! However, including here, there is a negotiation system too!

My mother-in-law said, “I want a bag for two souvenirs,” so I bought a bag …

The first asking price was “One by 1600Baht(US$51.7)“. And bought “One by 1000Baht(US$32), Two by 1800Baht(US$52)“!

That was TOO HIGHT… I should have negotiated more…!!

Now I think about Two by 800Baht(US$25) …

My mother-in-law’s got high shopping …

Negotiation technique for Never lose

Later I will master the negotiation method perfectly in this Thailand trip, This is Negotiation points!!

Point① Ignore the asking price
Tell the price of the ideal
Point③ When it is higher than the ideal price, you must say “Then I don’t need it”

Only this.

First of all, please ignore the asking price!

If you ask the asking price, it will be a normal price.

Next, please say clearly the ideal price!

I think it will probably be One-third to Quarter the asking price. that’s OK.

Finally, if it is higher than the ideal price, please say “don’t need it!”

If you say why it is better to say “I do not need” because they cut the price without permission like “Well, what about 〇Baht?” And “If so,〇Baht?”

If they lose at the ideal price, then they will be “do not sell”, If it makes a little profit, they will sell reluctantly.

Then, depending on what the baht is the ideal price …

・Cashmere and silk stall 200Baht (Airport price 390B)
・Accessories or figurines also 200Baht
(Airport price 395B)

Why present the airport price is even a high souvenir shop inside the airport was about that.

I was told 600Baht when buying small items, and I bought souvenirs at a higher price than the airport in India…

I think everyone probably has 1000 to 2000Baht in a wallet when you go to a souvenir shop, and it is human beings who put out if you have it!
And Souvenir stuff knows about it !!

So you should tell the ideal price cleary or do not buy it there.

Engine boat

Floating Market engine boat

After going around the souvenir shop, I took an engine boat and moved the river in Thailand, which is much fun! !

It is good to have a small boat, but it is very cool and comfortable if you run the waterside with speed on the engine boat!

It is unique to Thailand to move the river!!

Thai Full Day Tour④
Lunch at a Hotel Buffet

Lunch is a hotel buffet thai local tour

In the morning, I had a great experience with the MaeklngMarket and Floating market!

After that, we had a hotel buffet in the city of Bangkok at noon!

It’s a…  I did not fit the mouth …lol

I can not say so loudly …It was not so delicious. lol, It maybe because I wasn’t hungry so much!

Once we’re ready, leaving to see the Ayutthaya ruins in the afternoon!

Thai Full Day Tour⑤
Wat Yai Chai Mongkon

Wat Yai Chai Mongkon thai local tour

At first we arrived at  World Cultural Heritage “Wat Yai Chai Mongkon”.

It is a memorial tower when it won the battle with Burma (Myanmar).

Climbed up

climbed to Wat Yai Chai Mongkon

This tower can be climbed. It was a tower that was so tall that it didn’t think it was built by people of old!

Around this temple there is a circle of Buddha. It is interesting the face is different one by one!

Pray for the snake god

Pray for the snake god at the main hall

It used to be a prayer at that tall tower, but now there is a separate main hall.

There is a statue of a snake next to Buddha in the main hall, so I prayed for the happiness of the Thai people. Because I was born in a Snake year (in Japan).

Sleeping Buddha


Thailand has a deeper Buddhist faith than Japan, and there are many Buddha-like.

Among them, there are also many Dying-Buddha! I feel that many of them are smiling gently.

Thai Full Day Tour⑥
Elephant ride

got on an elephant in Ayutthaya thai local tour

Next to  Wat Yai Chai Mongkon, we went for elephant riding!

I took an elephant around the same Ayutthaya!

Look! An elephant in the show! (cute!)

Get on the elephant

got on an elephant in Ayutthaya thai local tour

I get on an elephant on this tour last time, so it’s my second time! (even though I’ve never got on a horse!)

Put my feet on the back of the elephant and sit in the seat. Height … so hight ~!!

Elephant first on the road

Elephant first on the road

The elephant is not a car, a train or a boat, and has a unique swing! Thrilling and interesting!

And the Ayutthaya elephant ride follows the public road! Much bigger than a car!

elephant in Ayutthaya

Elephant man asked me for a Tip

elephant in Ayutthaya

When the elephant ride was over, the elephant man was told “Tip! Tip!” So I gave 20 baht.

Depending on the person, it may be said, “More!”. And last time accessories sales started while riding on an elephant (lol) this time was fine!

The elephant man who the parent-in-law got on was also said to be “tip me”, so they gave it, but how the nose of elephant took that tip!

It may be better to prepare a trip to ride an elephant comfortably.

Gave me water and go next place

Gave me a wate

When elephant riding was over, guides distributed water one by one!

Thailand is a fierce heat of around 40 degrees, cold water is welcome!

After this, I will visit three more places! !

Thai Full Day Tour⑦
Wat Phra Si Sanphet

Next arrived is the second world cultural heritage “Wat Phra Si Sanphet”.

It is said that Thailand has historically fought against Burma (Myanmar), but it was a peaceful and happy time when this temple was built. But then they lose to Burma and they destroyed the temple.

The ruins of Ayutthaya are broken everywhere because they were lost and destroyed by Myanmar, and the red brick part is a trace that has been repaired.

Here is the original appearance of this wat plush sun pet. The three remaining towers are great too, but…If it was remaining the main hall on the right side…It would have been a very nice building!!

Now there is a beautiful main hall in another place and people seem to be praying there.

Wat Phra Si Sanphet

The King’s Tomb

Wat Phra Si Sanphet thai local tour

Even so, “Wat Phra Si Sanphet” is wonderful! I like this here most at Ayutthaya ruins!

This is the tomb of the king, and it seems sleeping here who Louis VIII, Louis IX, and Louis X are from the right.

Can’t climb now

climb Wat Phra Si Sanphet

When I went in 2016, it was OK to climb, but now it has been banned.

It was like this when I got close↑(It was 2016)

Here and there are broken

Wat Phra Si Sanphet broken

Here is a trace of the main hall that would have been admirable.

The part of the brick is a trace of restoration. Repair is quite halfway…(lol) I think that it would have been completely repaired if it was Japan…

Things that are broken like this are left behind.

Wat Phra Si Sanphet broken

There are many wild dogs

There are many dogs here (although there are dogs around Ayutthaya). Of course you

dog in ayutthaya

can’t touch it, and even guides were avoided dogs. It is cute in the distance.

Thai Full Day Tour⑧
Wat Mahathat Buddha face

Wat Mahathat thai local tour

The third world cultural heritage “Wat Mahathat” that I headed to next to that.

Which everyone has ever seen… Buddha’s face is buried in the tree!!

Ohoo ~ Mysterious.

This is also a temple around, but most are broken.

It seems that gold and jewels were put in the temple and the head of the Buddha statue … so they were broken and brought the country.

I guess they could not bring back the head of this size Buddha statue.

Wat Mahathat broken statu

Drink Mango Smoothie

Mango Smoothie

I had already tried, but there was one more place to go, so I decided to drink a mango smoothie here! Last time I drank a mango smoothie here too!

I think one 50Baht (US$1.6)! The people in the shop were also kind!

Thai Full Day Tour⑨
Wat Lokayasutha and finish

Wat Lokayasutha thai local tour

Finally it is the end of seeing the fourth world cultural heritage ” Wat Lokayasutha”.

This is a world heritage site that can be seen quickly from the parking lot.


Is there anyone who has read this here? ?(That’s toooooooooo long!! sorry!)

As you can see, it was a enjoy Thailand local tour from morning tonight!

It was really fun, and I think it was a good memory for my parents-in-law too!

This is the same Veltra but… there isn’t the same plan on English Homepage.

There is a separate plan but Check it out!!

FloathingMarket+MeaklongMarket Tour
AyutthayaRuins+RiverCluise Tour

Next, I will write Thai BBQ “Mugata(? I don’t know how to spell)” which I ate after returning to the hotel!

See you next time~!!

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