【How to take a Taxi】Airport to the Bangkok Hotel.

【How to take a Taxi】Airport to the Bangkok Hotel.

After arriving in Thailand.

It is the same problem in any country as the first barrier in front of you …
How to get to the city !?!?

This time we are traveling for the second time in Thailand,

It was a family trip with parents in law !!

I must never be rude!!!! 

I have to get to the hotel in a friendly and smailing by taxi!

but…….That’s right.

Soon after arriving in Thailand!

I was fighting with a taxi driver! omg…

I would like to talk while including such things

・ How to use a taxi at Suvarnabhumi Airport
・ What is a negotiated taxi (The reason why I fight is here!)
・How much is the price of a taxi from the airport to the city hotel

If you are going to Thailand now, and you would like to use a taxi…

Please sit there and let’s watch them !!

at Suvarnabhumi Airport
How to take a TAXI

At first, it is how to take a taxi!

How to take a taxi at Suvarnabhumi Airport is a bit different but very easy!

Just take a ticket at the ticketing machine and take a taxi the same number as your ticket one!

Then I will explain it with the photo!

How to take a taxi①
Exit 7, 1st floor

Take Exit 7 on the 1st floor of Suvarnabhumi Airport

Take Exit 7 on the 1st floor of Suvarnabhumi Airport

First of all, after immigration, when you are ready to pick up your luggage, go down to the first floor with a long escalator!

Take Exit 7 on the ground floor of Suvarnabhumi Airport.


How to take a taxi②
Ticketing machine lane

Go to ticketing machine lane and choose the size of the taxi to ride
Go to ticketing machine lane and choose the size of the taxi to ride

On the right side of the exit, there is a taxi ticketing machine.

As you can see, the left lane is one box type (4-5 people) and the middle is the normal type (3 people). Choose one and proceed.


How to take a taxi③
Press the button

Issue the paper with the number written on the ticketing machine 
Issue the paper with the number written on the ticketing machine

When you arrive at this ticketing machine, press “GET CLICK!”

Then the paper with the number will be drawn out from below, so please check the number!

How to take a taxi④
Take the same-number taxi

take a taxi on a number printed on paper 
take a taxi on a number printed on paper

Get in the taxi number written on the paper! That’s all

how to take a taxi!

If the car is not waiting at the number.

This was experienced by us…There is a case, the taxi is not waiting for the number.

In that case, please issue again at the ticketing machine!

In the case of me, I took the same number as the first, and next time finally I got a different number!!


How long does it take
Airport ⇔ Bangkok City

It takes about 45 minutes from Suvarnabhumi Airport to the city.

It was around 7 a.m. when I arrived, and the road was a heavy traffic jam, but, It arrived at that time



A scary story that was actually
“The meter is off …!?”

Rather than saying, Thai taxis (especially taxis waiting at the airport) are not going to be metered!

Most of them will be negotiating taxis!

It was like this in my case!

It’s already too late when I get in on the taxi from the airport without thinking.

I noticed… The meter is off …!

At that time, the local taxi driver said.

  It is 700 baht because we use highway.

What do you do when you are told a price higher than the price you checked?

Thailand guaid-map says “The price of the taxi is approximately 350 baht (about  US$11)“…  he said was the double price!!

What came out of my mouth is…

” Whaaaaat!?!? That’s too high. I heard 300Baht !! “←

It is scary to get used to foreign countries, and I told the driver as if I was not myself..

But the taxi driver makes a wry smile and said…

   Are u kidding? Can’t go there 300 baht, any Taxi.

Then I was angry that I said

“Alright, go back to the airport. I’ll use another taxi.”

By the way, I went back to the airport like that, but the driver complains to me.

Most of the time I couldn’t understand him English but I understand.

He said like that.

  Even a different taxi can not afford 300 baht!! 

That’s why I felt different

His disappointing feeling seems real.

I thought this was not ripoff and it was real price..??

“Well, then how much other taxis are??”

When I heard that, the driver said while thinking a little

  …about 6 or 700Baht.


He added that when I said back.

    Then it’s okay 600Bath.

600Bath, that’s 2000Yen.(=US$19)

I don’t know the correct answer anymore, but I thought it was okay cuz it’s trouble…

“Alright, go by 600Bath.”

And I added in a word not apologizing…

“Sorry !!”

In this way, this Thailand trip has begun!!

While we driving, I was thinking about…

“I’ll call the police and Hotel man If you change the price after arrive or you’ll cook up a bill.”

but …

Surprisingly, the taxi arrived at the hotel property, I paid 1000 baht and he gave me 400 baht.

So I finished with 600 baht, no chip.



The Market Price
Negotiated Taxi

Well, you may be wondering how much it was…??

So I asked hotel stuff on the way to the room

“Could you tell me the price of a taxi from the airport to the city hotel ??”

Then she told me…

★Negotiation taxi prices from the airport to the city
・  Normal tipe:500~700Bath
 ・Onebox tipe:700~800Bath

This time, four people traveling, Our took on…Onebox type!!

I wonder if you understand…

I asked for a price lower than the market price and got on at a price cheaper than the market price!!

How much did you get on?

She told me with smiling, so I say…

“…600Bath…But!! At first, the driver said 700Bath and I thought It’s just high…hehe”

Then she makes more smile,

 You got on well !!

She said to me like that…

I was sleeping in the taxi because I didn’t sleep on the airplane at all, but my parents-in-law said, “The taxi driver showed you a smartphone and said…

  Look! A market price like that!!

But I didn’t notice at all.

In other words, Negotiation taxi market prices seem not wrong with the above price!

I got a taxi call when I went to the airport from the hotel, At that time, the one box taxi was fixed at 700 baht.

After all, we did too much at the taxi(airport to hotel).


How to get a taxi better
“Please put on the meter !”

After examining, it seems that there is also a taxi that responds when saying “Turn on the meter!”

In the case of the meter system, it seems to be the price (about 350 baht).

But in that case, there seems to be a rule,

Meter fare + highway fare 50 baht must be paid!

So it will cost around 400 baht even with a meter system!

Other taxi information There is no Uber in Thailand

Unfortunately there was no uber in Thailand.  Uber was overwhelmingly good when taking a taxi in India…

When referring to the net be careful of the updated date

Prices are rising year by year even in south Asia. It may be important not to believe too much information on the net!

In Malaysia, it was much higher than the price of a taxi that I thought like that case…

Ripoff is hateful, but anybody doesn’t want to feel bad !!

I want to get a taxi as cheap as possible, but if I want to get it done cheaply, there is also a train. It cost less than 100Bath.

You can ride more comfortably, there is AOT (limousine service),  but it will cost more than 1200 baht.

Thai restaurant prices are not changing much with Japan, I think so, 6 to 700 baht of a taxi is reasonable.

It was like this as of May 2019, If you travel in Thailand, please enjoy it!!

If you have trouble communicating, you may book a transfer!

A taxi was cheaper than limousine service but the atmosphere was the worst at the

If you want to start your trip more smoothly and happily, it is also a good idea to reserve a transfer from your country!

For the first trip to Thailand, I used Expedia’s transfer from Don Muang Airport to the hotel, but the driver was kind and driving was polite and smooth and good◎!

The price is 1500 baht (about $50) and the same price range as the airport limousine service!

【Check】Airport Transfer Service

See you next time!!

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