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【Bangkok Hotel Review】Great riverside hotel !! Chatrium Hotel.

bankok riverside hotel chatrium hotel

Chatrium Hotel
Superb view pool

Chatrium Hotel  Superb view pool

Now I would like to introduce is my favorite place, a pool at this hotel!

This hotel’s swimming pool is located on the 6th floor and overlooks the Chao Phraya River!

The pool is big enough, there is a pool for children, a pool for a little warmth, and a pool in the annex where I stayed!

Main Poor


We went into the swimming pool in the main building!

You do not have to bring your towel out of the room. Towels are provided here anytime.

There are enough chairs, so I think you can sit somewhere even if it is crowded!


Children’s pool

This is a children’s pool and there are chairs around it so it’s perfect for families!


Pool bar

There is a pool bar, where drinks and liquor, ice cream and popcorn are on sale! There is a book on it too!


★Welcome drink menu

When you check in to this hotel you will receive a welcome drink ticket, one for each person, which can also be used here!

It is this drink that can be selected by the welcome drink ticket! I had to Coke … but it was nice to have the Chatrium Punch!


View from the pool

TheTake a look! Here is the Chao Phraya River is seen from the pool! (It was great if the river wasn’t brown!)


Sunset from the Pool

In the daytime, you may feel like ‘It’s normal..’, but … This pool shines at dusk of 18-19 o’clock!

The sunset in South Asia is beautiful in orange and purple, but at this hotel you can see the sun fall over the river. You see, it’s so beautiful!

Annex Poor


The Chao Phraya River can not be seen from here as the main building,  but it is vacant !!

If you want to be quiet, this is recommended!

However, there is no pool bar in this annex, and maybe there aren’t always enough towels …

Pool opening hours

The pool can swim from 6:30am to 8:00pm.

Chatrium Hotel
Free Boat

Chatrium Hotel  Free Boat

It is fun to play in the hotel pool, but Bangkok is also fun in the city! You can even go to Wat Pho or Wat Arun in the city by boat!

To do so, first, You must go to Sathorn Pier. The Sathorn Pier also has the Skytrain (BTS) station “Saphan Taksin Station”.

And this Chatrium hotel has a free boat to that Sathorn Pier!

▼Let’s go through the garden!

Chatrium Hotel Garden

You have to go through the nice garden of this Chatrium hotel to get on the boat!



Chatrium hotel dock

This is a boat exclusively for Chatrium Hotel! Ships regularly travel back and forth between the hotel and Sathorn Pier.

It takes about 5 minutes to Sathorn Pier and it is quite close!


Sathorn Pier

Here is the Sathorn Pier. The boat of the hotel along the river which is not only a Chatrium hotel stops here.

Boat Time Schedule


It is the schedule of the boat, put around May 2019 which I used.

Perhaps I think that every season ships out at this interval (about every 15-30 minutes). You can get this schedule table when you’ll check-in!

Chatrium Hotel
Hotel facilities

Chatrium Hotel  Hotel facilities

It’s useful to have this near the hotel, isn’t it?? Especially, Seven-Eleven is convenient! The details are below.

Hotel facilities①
Starbucks Coffee 

チャトリウムホテル施設① スターバックスコーヒー

Opening hours
(Weekday) 6:30am-8:00pm

Starbucks is located on the first floor of the annex. Unexpectedly, I did not use it, but please go here if you want to drink coffee!

Hotel facilities②
Seven Eleven

チャトリウムホテル施設② セブンイレブン

★Opening hours
24h Open

There is Seven Eleven near the entrance on the hotel premises, it is convenient!

In Thai, the time to sell alcohol is determined by the law, so be careful! (Between 11am to 14pm and between 5pm to 12pm) 

Hotel facilities③
Massage Namita Spa

There is also a massage in the annex basement of the hotel. Although the price depends on the part and time, it about 400-1400B($13-46), I think that the guest has certainly got a discount. I will put a pamphlet here…

but there is a cheap massage area near this hotel, there are 100B for 1 hour($3.3)! Super cheap! Please see the last related article for details!


Opening hours
10:00am to 10:00pm

5 minutes from the hotel! Cheap massage area

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1min walk from the hotel!
Thai BBQ【Mugata】

Besides the hotel, there are delicious local restaurants just outside the hotel!

That is Thai BBQ【Mugata】!

It’s quite local, so some people might need courage to enter…lol

It’s so close, so let’s try it!

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Chatrium Hotel
Other Services

Chatrium Hotel  Other Services

Lastly, I will write down all the other things I would care about! I used it in May 2019, so I think it may change depending on the season!

・ About Wi-Fi ・ About money exchange at the hotel ・ About booking for return taxi is about it.

Chatrium Hotel Services①
Free Wi-Fi

You can get Wi-Fi! Wi-Fi speed is comfortable, no problem at all!

Passwords are different in the main building and the annex, but when staying in the annex, information on the main building Wi-Fi is also given!

Chatrium Hotel Services②
Money Exchange

It is okay if Thai baht is not enough! You can exchange money at the hotel reception!

But after all the rate of the airport is slightly lower than a good place …

How much was it…

<Airport rate>
¥1 = 0.2845 B
¥10,000 = 2845 B

<Hotel rate>
¥1 = 0.2676 B
¥10,000 = 2676 B

Difference 169B approx. ¥590(¥1 = 3.5B)
→The difference about $5.5

The loss is about one meal at a restaurant in Thailand? It is better to exchange money at rates as well as possible, and it may be better to use it when you run out of it.

Chatrium Hotel Services③
Taxi Reception

If you say “How to get back to the airport”, it is better to have the hotel call a taxi!

I used to go and go back and used a taxi, but I was able to make a reservation at a rate without ripoff and no extra◎!

You can book a taxi at the counter near the end door of the main building. When you say “I want to make a taxi reservation” to the person at the reception desk, you will be asked “room number, date of reservation, time, type of taxi”.

I think it’s good to book your return taxi here!

▼How to book a taxi

①Book at taxi counter

You can book a taxi at the counter near the door at the end of the main building. First of all, please head there.

②Tell’em information

When you ask the receptionist, “I want to make a reservation for a taxi,” the room number, date of reservation, time, and type of taxi will be asked.

 There are three types of taxis: ①regular cars ②wagons ③vans.

There are three types of taxis, so please choose one. It was very easy to understand because the receptionist talked to me while showing the pictures of the different types of taxis!

This time it was used by 4 people so I booked a wagon type.

③Price of Taxi

The price was fixed, and it was 700B($22.5) from the hotel to Suvarnabhumi Airport for the 4per wagon type we got on.

Probably 600B($19.5) if it’s a normal type… (I didn’t take it, but when I was guided to the room, the usual type taxi is 600-700B that staff said!)

It is also convenient to book a transfer ◎

If you are worried about a taxi, it’s a good idea to book a shuttle service beforehand!

I used the transfer service, but it’s really easy!

Check Veltra transfer

At the end

It has become quite long, this is the Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok!

It is a nice hotel, and I think I will stay here again if it is my third visit to Thailand.

Thanks to the upgrade this time, I had nice memories with my parents!

If you are concerned about this hotel and arrived on this page, I will do my best to recommend it to you ~\(^o^)/!

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