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【Bangkok Hotel Review】Great riverside hotel !! Chatrium Hotel.

bankok riverside hotel chatrium hotel

Second time staying at Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok!!

Why choose this hotel again because there is a nice pool overlooking the Chao Phraya River!


This stay was really special …

How…They upgraded my room to a grand suite!!

As it was a filial trip to my parents-in-law, I had nice memories thanks to this upgrade…!!

The people at Chatrium Hotel did their best, so I would like to leave everything at the Chatrium Hotel here!  I took many photos so I want to put all!!

Service, Facilities, Location…everything is great!! It’s a 5-star hotel, but Reasonable!

This is the Chatrium hotel !!


I really love this hotel!

Hotel review
Chatrium Hotel
Riverside Bangkok

Hotel review Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok

The Chao Phraya River flows through Bangkok, there are many tourist spots, skyscrapers and hotels.

One of them is Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok (Chatrium Hotel).

The website of the Hotel says that it is 5 stars, and even if I looked at the hotel reservation site, all are highly rated 4.5 stars or more!

In particular, the many Japanese people commented that the staff were grate, comfortable and memorable the hotel is!

Location (access)

Please see “Bangkok Map” here!

The Chatrium Hotel is the second from the bottom of this line of hotels!

As you can see, it’s right on the side of the river with easy access to the city!

Bangkok Tourist Map
Map Download Here★

Around the Chatrium Hotel

There is a train 【Saphan Thaksin Station】 with access to Bangkok city, and a 【Sathorn Pier】 which is a way to the temple【Wat Arun】【Wat Pho】 in Bangkok.

Chatrium Hotel is 5 minutes by boat from here!(Chatrium Hotel has Free boat!)

5 minutes by tuk-tuk to the night playground 【Asiatique】!

So no matter where you go! Location is very good!

Address & Map

28 Charoenkrung Soi 70, Bangkholame, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

Service & Upgrade

I arrived at the hotel at 8 a.m. It was not time to be able to check-in naturally …

When I get off the taxi, a staff will keep our luggage and I will be taken to the reception. So we went through the check-in procedure. And they checked in there immediately.

There was a surprise proposal from the reception staff there!

I can’t show you the booked room until 2p.m., but if it’s the Grand Suite Room in the annex, I can show you immediately. 

There are two more rooms in one room, each with bathroom.How is it?

They proposed early check-in and upgrade to suite room at the same time!

They proposed early check-in and upgrade to suite room at the same time!

Originally I booked one room for parents and one room for me and my husband. Each room is a river view.

but if there are two more rooms in one room, it’s perfect! Also, the suite room has a river view!

So I decided to get the room changed, and I was immediately taken to the room.

This is the Grand Suite Room (river view) located on the 31st floor of the 36th floor!

Chatrium Hotel  
Grand Suite Room

Chatrium Hotel   Grand Suite Room

Actually, it was a suite room when I stayed last time, it was a perfect room with a kitchen, a living and veranda …

This time it was a great room more than before!!

From here, see room details!

Common Space



First I opened the door and saw it in front of me.
It is too large a shoe shelf!

It can put on an outer, but of course there is a closet in each room!



And next time I came into my eyes … this is a living room too large!



There is also a spacious kitchen! The water put here is free!

I can not see it but there is a microwave.



There is also a counter table in the kitchen!


Refrigerator & Washing machine

Even more…There was a washing machine and a dryer in the hidden door of the kitchen!

Anybody was sweating a lot in boiling hot Bangkok, the washing machine used a lot!


Common toilet

There was a shared toilet beside the living room!

There were a total of three toilets in this Grand Suite Room, so it was not a battle for toilets in the morning!


Living room

It looks like this when you look at the living room from the veranda! Too broad ~! Much bigger than my home in Tokyo !! It seems to be 250㎡ in size!

The fruits are free on the table!


View from the living room

If you sit on a sofa and look at the veranda, you can see the city of Bangkok from the window.

There are rooms on both sides of the living room, and each one is separated like this, so the sound was not bothered at all!

Balcony & View



The balcony looks like this! As expected, there are 2 rooms, so the veranda may little small.

The suite I stayed at last time had a table and chairs on the balcony!


Day view (river view)

Here is the view from this balcony! Since it is on a high floor, the view is outstanding!


Day view (city view)

This is the view of the city.

The number of skyscrapers has increased considerably compared to two years ago!


Night view (city view)

It looks like this at night. It’s beautiful!


★Night view (city view)

And the river view at night was the best! The neon light along the river in Bangkok is wonderful!

Around the pink bridge is Sathorn Pier, and Saphan Thaksin Station!

Grand Suite Room

There were two rooms in this Grand Suite, one double and one twin.

And each room had a bathroom!


Double room

This is double. The bed size was king and spacious and the best!


Twin room

This is a twin room with a semi-double bed size!

There was no TV in this room.



As you can see, the bedroom is large enough! On the left side of this picture…



There is also a closet, with bathrobes and valuables cases in it!



And here is the bathroom with each room!  It’s Wide~!


Toilet & Shower booth

The shower temperature control is a little difficult, but the water pressure was enough◎!



There are many plays in Bangkok, so quite important is there has a bathtub or not! There is a bathtub so that we can extend the leg.

I forgot to take some amenities but there are basic amenities. There was no element of bubble bath..!!

This is the Grand Suite Room!

It may have been transmitted how large and the special room it was!

I was tired on the first night, I bought chilled rice and drinks at Seven-Eleven(convenience store) on the premises and ate in the living room, it was also fun !!

I thought when I came last time, Seven-Eleven is delicious in Thailand! lol 

I love prawns chilled dumplings!


I could spend the great time with Parents-in-law,the three days I spent in such a feeling was the best and I have remembered my life!

Well, next time, see the wonderful breakfast buffet of this hotel!

Chatrium Hotel
Breakfast buffet

Chatrium Hotel  Breakfast buffet

I could have breakfast at the 【River Barge】 restaurant at the end of the corridor, which straight from the reception on the 1st floor.

I had the impression that the breakfast here was rich in variety when I came last time, but two years after that, it was a more wonderful that clearly exceeded than the last time!

River Barge Details

Breakfast opening hours

Breakfast is from 6 am to 10:30 am

Get guided to table


If you are booking a room with breakfast, you can get a seat by saying the room number and name at the entrance! You can choose the seat either inside or outside!

Inside is cool. But it’s cool in the morning even if it’s the hottest in May. So I recommend eating outside!

Breakfast at the side of Chao Phraya River will be a pleasant time!

Contents of breakfast buffet

From here, please have a look at the breakfast buffet!


Warm dim sum

First of all, there is a dim sum near the entrance! Dim Sum is delicious wherever I eat!


Cooked Pho

In the back dim sum is Pho! Here you can choose your favorite ingredients and sheff makes me a fresh Pho!

Two years ago there was no such Pho! By the way, this Pho was delicious!


Cooked eggs

Not only Pho, but They also make freshly cooked eggs!

There are 5 types eggs, Fried/Boiled/Omelette/Poached/Scramble.


I had an omelet! Fresh eggs at the hotel are delicious!


Rice porridge

What the… Maybe It’s Ingredients of Chine type rice porridge..??

Salad & Rolled sushi

he table in the middle also had vegetables, fruits, cheese and hand-rolled sushi!


Yogurt & Fruit

Tropical fruits are delicious no matter what you eat!



There is a rotary microwave for baking bread, so you can eat warm it. How to eat a large bread..

grab it with the cross on the table and cut it. Put it on the plate just for the amount you want to eat ! (I saw what Westerners are doing so !! It’s not wrong, maybe..)


Other more

There are a lot of other types of meals, but I just only took the fashionable tomato. lol

What else there are. Bacon, Wiener, Curry … Oh! I do not remember that much! Because I can not eat so much in the morning, I did not look in detail! Sorry!

Take what you like and have it !!


Let’s eat them!!

However, this is the only plate I took… I’m not hungry in the morning.

Next, I will introduce a pool overlooking the Chao Phraya River and a shuttle boat dedicated to the hotel!

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