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That’s Christmas 2018…

Christmas is not a Japanese event! And! It costs money too! 

That’s why my home wasn’t scheduled, but just before Christmas, my opinion changed 180 degrees.

I want Christmas! I want to go to the Christmas market in Germany,

but I can’t, so I want to go to the closest Christmas in Japan! Where is it! Needless to say,

it is Hokkaido where it snows!

Why didn’t you make a plan?!

Am I stupid!?

Even Japanese people do  Christmas !!

That’s why the bullet Hokkaido trip was decided two days before Christmas, and I enjoyed Christmas!

This is the first trip report on the Sapporo trip!

The first story is about Sapporo Transportation,

which is far from Christmas but…!

It cannot be done without it!

I explain with the illustration!

Let’s check it out !!


New Chitose Airport ⇔ Sapporo City

Well, this time I took the train “Express Airport” and headed to Sapporo city!

However, when I examined it, there were other Buses and Rental Car! I thought that this could be used in some cases, so I would like to explain it too!

transportation airport to sapporo city

You can go to the city mainly in these three ways! (* Taxis can also be used, but usage is omitted here.)

Then I will explain in detail how to ride!

by Express Airport

Transportation① by Express Airport

I moved from New Chitose Airport to Sapporo City (Sapporo Station) using ” Express Airport Train”!

This is the fastest way from New Chitose Airport to Sapporo City!

Train Fee

Train Fee:¥1070 ($9.75) 
Reserved seat:  +¥520 

You can sit seat without make reservation

Train ticket

I bought a reserved seat ticket because I thought it was an all reserved seat, but I could sit without taking a reserved seat!

This “Express Airport” is a 6-car train and only 1-car is reserve seat car! So most of them are free seats!

If you want to sit, better to take a reserved seat!

Express Airport

Travel time by Train

Moving time: 37min

The train is the Fastest and Cheapest in transportation! So the train is the most recommended!

New Chitose Airport Train(JR) platform

The international arrival lobby at New Chitose Airport is on the 2nd floor, and the JR platform is on the 1st floor!

When you arrive, you can see the JR as soon as you get down the floor and walk straight!

How to go to the Otaru

How to go to the Otaru

I went from Sapporo to Otaru on the last day, and from Otaru to New Chitose Airport by the express airport! I’m sure there are some of them, so I’ll write these details too!

The Express Airport stops at Sapporo Sta. and goes directly to Otaru! So if you want to go to Otaru, you can ride it!

The Express Airport Stops is like this ↓

The Express Airport Stops

Train Fee

Train Fee:¥1780 ($16.5)
Reserved Seat: +¥520

Travel Time

Moving Time: 73min

Timetable and ticket price search

JR Hokkaido Details

Click here for English Details↓

・HOKKAIDO JR “Timetable and ticket price search”
・New Chitose Airport Terminal Information

by Limousine Bus

Transportation② by Limousine Bus

The next recommendation is the Limousine Bus from the Airport to Sapporo City!

It will take more time than the train, but it is a limousine bus so you can sit through moving! Plus, there are several stops in Sapporo city so you can choose where you want to get off!

There seem to be three types of buses from New Chitose Airport, most recommend is “Hokuto Kotsu” limousine bus!

Bus Fee

Bus Fee: ¥1100 ($10.25)

The bus fee is slightly expensive than Train.

There are about 10 stops in Sapporo, so the price will not change wherever you get off. Stop in front of the hotel or front of the building. Click here for details!

Hokuto kotsu:Pamphlet PDF

Travel time by Bus

Moving time: about 80min

Bus stop and Timetable

The international arrival lobby at New Chitose Airport is on the 2nd floor, and the bus stop is on the 1st floor! Hokuto Kotsu is a bus stop 22!

The following links are fairly easy to understand for both the platform and the timetable, so please see below when using the bus!

Timetable: New Chitose Airport → Sapporo City 


by Rental Car

Transportation③ by Rental Car

This is when you rent a car in Sapporo or Hokkaido!

Rent a car and the price will vary considerably, but if your stay includes not only Sapporo but also Otaru, Hakodate, etc., I think that a rental car is convenient!

Rental Car Price Comparison

I checked the price comparison and the number of rental car shops in the vicinity of Chitose Airport and made a list!※Please note that there is an error in the Car price depending on the model you choose because it is my research!

I compared the prices of “light cars with a focus on price” and “5-seat hybrid cars that can be used by families”. The price is the lowest for each company!

Please note that the number of stores in each company! I also looked at how many stores are in Hokkaido and Sapporo, considering drop off the car.

* For smartphones, click to enlarge or point sideways for easy viewing

Airport Rental Car Price Comparison

Orix Rent A Car is the Cheapest!!

Orix Rent A Car is the cheapest! The number of stores is also in the entire Sapporo & Hokkaido, it seems to be easy to use ◎!

Nippon Rent A Car has the most stores!!

Nippon Rent A Car has the largest number of stores in Hokkaido!

The price is higher than the Orix Rent-A-Car …But there is almost no difference in price with Orix Rent-A-Car in the regular season! The high season pricing is a bit higher!

Travel time by Car

Moving time: 80~100min

There are several procedures for renting a car.

First, when you arrive at the airport, head to the car rental counter and from there, go to the car rental shop. It seems that each company has its bus or pick-up car at the rental car shop!

When you arrive at the rental car shop, you can go through various procedures and finally you can go city!

It takes about 45 minutes from the rental car shop to Sapporo City but considering this procedure, it will take 80 to 100 minutes in total.

Rental car reception

The international arrival lobby at New Chitose Airport is on the 2nd floor and the car rental reception is on the 1st floor!

I think that it is easy to understand because each company is lined up.

It is recommended that you reserve a rental car!

You can do it at the airport, but It is recommended to make a reservation in advance!

If you make a reservation in advance, it will take less time to complete the local procedure! And especially during the high season, the price goes up and the car can run out of stock!

If you go to the airport, it is not possible to compare each company, so it is recommended that you make a reservation by comparing the bulk price at the following site!

Car rental price comparison & reservation


This is how to get from New Chitose Airport to Sapporo! Have you decided how to move?

If you are only staying in Sapporo & Otaru, definitely recommend the train! As you can see, the price is the cheapest and the move is the fastest◎!

But someday I would like to rent a car and go around Hokkaido !!

Next, I would like to talk about the hotel I stayed in Sapporo! I stayed at the Western Yellow Hotel in Sapporo, the closest to Christmas!

It was beautiful with snow outside.

Check flight + hotel

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