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【NaritaAirport→TokyoDisneyResort】Access Guide! Fee & Time

【NaritaAirport→TokyoDisneyResort】Access Guide! Fee & Time

I wanna go to DisneyResort from NRT…
Which way is cheaper and Easier?

For such a person, this time…
I’ll explain transportation 【NRT→DisneyResort】!(TokyoDisneyLand, Sea, each Hotel)

If you look at this, you can see how to get to Disney Resort, the price, the required time, and the transfer!


Let’s check it out!

Access Guide

NaritaAirport→DisneyResort Access Guide

There are two ways to get from Narita Airport to Tokyo Disney Resort【train】and【bus】!

First of all, from the conclusion…

The train is cheaper, but it takes more time because to some transfer,

The bus is bit expensive than train, but you can go faster without transfer.

NaritaAirport→DisneyResort Access Guide Train
NaritaAirport→DisneyResort Access Guide Bus

Let’s start with the train route!

Access by Train

NaritaAirport→DisneyResort Access Guide Train

There are two lines from Narita Airport, 【JR Line】 and 【Keisei Line】.

It is cheaper to use the Keisei Line to 『Maihama Station』 where Disney Resort is located, and you can easily go to it with a transfer!

Take a train from 『NaritaAirportStation』.※If you’ll using Terminal 3, please go to Terminal 2 by walk or take a bus.

There are Airport Limited Express “Skyliner” and “N’EX” from Narita Airport, but do not use.

You will go using a local train to Maihama Station where is nearest station to Tokyo Disney Resort.

  1. NaritaAirportSta.→HigashiMatsudoSta.
    KeiseiLine Express bound for HanedaAirport
    ¥960 46mins
  2. Transfer from “Keisei Line” to “JR Musashino Line”
  3. HigashiMatsudoSta.→MaihamaSta.
    JR Musashino Line Local bound for Tokyo
    ¥310 20mins

When you’ll get off Maihama Station, Disney Resort is right in front of you!

After arriving, please move to your destination such as “Disneyland”, “DisneySea” and “each Hotel”!


If you want to go cheap, the train is recommended!

Next is how to get there by bus!

Access by Bus

NaritaAirport→DisneyResort Access by Bus

From Narita Airport to Disney Resort by Bus, you can use the 【Airport Limousine Bus】 to go directly to “Land,” “Sea,” and “each Hotels”!

★Airport Limousine Bus
  • Adult ¥2450¥1900
    Child ¥1200¥950
    ※on March now, Campaign fere!
  • abt.1h

Now you can use it with the campaign fare!

The end date of this campaign is undecided, so it seems that this fare will be available for the time being!

Bus Stop List

These two “bound for Disney Resort” from Narita Airport▼ ※Source

Bus Stop List1
Bus Stop List2

You can take this bus from each terminal.

The route is “Terminal 3″→ “Terminal 2″→ “Terminal 1″→ “To Disney Resort”.

Narita Airport Bus Stop

★Terminal 1

NaritaAirportBusstop Terminal1
Source: Bus stop

Bound for “Shin-Urayasu” and “Tokyo Disney Resort Maihama”, it is 【Bus stop 10】.

line tenten

★Terminal 2

NaritaAirportBusstop Terminal2
Source: Bus stop

Bound for “Shin-Urayasu” and “Tokyo Disney Resort Maihama”, it is 【Bus stop 7】.

line tenten

★Terminal 3

NaritaAirportBusstop Terminal3
Source: Bus stop

Bound for “Shin-Urayasu” and “Tokyo Disney Resort Maihama”, it is 【Bus stop 3】.

How to buy a ticket

Tickets can be purchased at the 【Bus Ticket Counter】 at each terminal .

This bus is always crowded! If you can’t get on the latest bus, it’s faster to go to Disney Resort by train.

You can make a reservation in advance with this bus!

★Narita to Central Tokyo Shuttle Bus

The Narita Airport shuttle transfer service is an efficient way to get to and from central Tokyo. You can choose from a private or shared shuttle.

Pick-up and drop-off are available in 15 of Tokyo’s wards plus Maihama.

★Check the Suttle Bus


If you want to go comfortably, the bus is recommended!


That’s how to access Narita Airport → Tokyo Disney Resort!

【NRT⇒Tokyo】is summarized below, so please refer to them as well!

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