【KansaiAirport→USJ】Access Guide! Fee & Time

【KansaiAirport→USJ】Access Guide! Fee & Time

I wanna go to USJ from KIX…
Which way is Cheaper and Easier?

For such a person, this time…
I explain transportation 【Kansai Airport (KIX)→USJ】!

If you look at this, you can see how to get to USJ, the price, the required time, and the transfer!


Let’s check it out!

Access Guide

KansaiAirport→USJ Access Guide

“Kansai Airport” has the second highest airport utilization rate in Japan! but…

You don’t know the location of the airport or Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe!

First, let’s grasp the positional relationship on the route map!

Kansai route map simplified version

Kansai Airport to USJ, that is takes about 1hour a half by train, and less than a hour by car.


Want you to move Fast and Easy, right?

There are three transportation from Kansai Airport to USJ!


Let’s check out the Access Comparison!

KansaiAirport → USJ
Access Guide

KansaiAirport → USJ Access Guide
  • The Cheapest transportation is ①Train !
  • The Fastest transportation is ②Bus & ③Uber !

Details below!

KansaiAirport → USJ
①Access by Train

KansaiAirport → USJ ①Access by Train

There are two lines from Kansai Airport Station, 【JR Line】 and 【Nankai Line】!

It is convenient to use JR!

KansaiAirport → USJ ①Access by Train

If you want to go as fast as possible, you can use “Nankai Rapi:t”, but there are a lot of transfers!

How about Airport Limited Express

From the airport, there are “Kansai Limited Express Haruka (JR)” and “Limited Express Rapi:t (Nankai Line)” that can be reached earlier than local lines by selecting seats.

But I do not recommend it, because that’s need transfer.

source:JR Haruka

The car body and interior are cool, so if you are interested, you may try it!

▼ This limited express is explained by “Kansai Airport → Osaka”.

【KansaiAirport→Osaka】Access Guide! Fee & Time
【KansaiAirport→Osaka】Access Guide! Fee & TimeHow to get to Osaka from Kansai Airport ! Access by Train and Bus. Fee, Time, etc......

Kansai Airport Station

“Kansai Airport Station” is located in Terminal 1 Building.
*Terminal 1 is for international and domestic flights other than LCC, and Terminal 2 is for LCC main

You can move from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 by free shuttle bus.

Free shuttle bus


If you want to go cheap, take the train!

Next is how to get there by bus!

Kansai Airport → USJ
②Access by Bus

You can take a limousine bus from Kansai Airport to USJ without transfer!

It’s convenient and not expensive, but it’s necessary to check in advance because many buses are currently suspended due to the covit-19.

★Limousine Bus
  • To USJ・Kaiyukan ¥1,600
    Terminal 1→Terminal 2→Port Town East→Hyatt Regency Osaka→Kaiyukan→USJ

※Other destinations ★Details

How to buy a ticket

Tickets can be purchased at the 【Bus Ticket Counter】 at each terminal.

Tickets cannot be reserved, so ticket purchase → line up for boarding.

Bus stop

★Terminal 1

Terminal 1 busstop
source:Bus Stop
line tenten

★Terminal 2

Terminal 2 busstop
source:Bus Stop

If you want to go comfortably, take a bus!

Kansai Airport → USJ
③Access by Uber(Taxi)

Uber is a well-known ride-hailing service.

It is a system that you can know the price in advance because it will be the flow of dispatching after getting an estimate.

Credit information is registered in advance, it is convenient to get off without the hassle of paying after using a taxi!

関西空港→USJ(ユニバ) ③Uber(タクシー)でのアクセス

This time, I am writing the amount estimated below. Please note that prices may vary depending on the time of day.

Estimate with Uber
Use Uber


Uber has a driver evaluation system, so they will drive you carefully!

The reason I didn’t choose is …

Taxis are more expensive!


Of course, there are taxis between “Airport ⇔ USJ”, but according to an estimate from Kansai Airport, the price is ¥20,000 / 50mins, which is higher than Uber.

If you are worried about Uber, you may use a taxi ◎


If you want to go comfortably, Uber and taxis are recommended! (Although it is very expensive!)


That’s how to get to 【Kansai Airport → USJ】!

Did you find the perfect transportation?


I wish you a pleasant trip to Osaka!