【Mumbai Hotel Review】Five Star!! The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

【Mumbai Hotel Review】Five Star!! The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

I stayed at a 5 star hotel for the first time in my life.


A special 5-star hotel where presidents from other countries stayed…!!

Because such a hotel was the $300 per night, I tried to make a reservation!(Airline tickets were free Because used ANA-Mileage!

Luxury beyond expectations…Good service Couldn’t think of in India…

Because of that, it became a super masterpiece that exceeds 6,000 characters…

If you look at the photos alone, you can see the atmosphere, so let’s see them!

And if you are going to stay, be prepared for your feeling!!

You can have a dream-like experience at this hotel! !!

I will never forget the hotel here, and I want to go three more times before I die!!

Thank you Taj Mahal Hotel for wonderful memories!

I want to tell people who are not good at India!

in Mumbai… no…

This is the best hotel in India!!

five-star Hotel in Mumbai
The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

Speaking of hotels in Mumbai, this is Taj Mahal Hotel.

It is said to be one of the leading hotels in India and is a famous tourist destination just in front of Mumbai’s symbol India Gate.

and This is the 5star Hotel !! 

There are two palaces, the closed palace building, and the new pavilion building. Originally it was only the palace building of the old building, so all Indian people call the Taj Mahal Hotel the “Palace Hotel”.

This is the palace building that everyone wants to stay at !!

ムンバイの5つ星!? タージマハルホテル

Hotel visited by many celebrities

In the past, people from top-level people in countries such as President Obama, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Katherine to famous people like John Lennon have stayed there, and their photos and signs were decorated.


The sad past of terrorism

This hotel was also attacked during the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack, and more than 100 people died.

Therefore, the security check at the entrance was still strictly enforced.


Taj Mahal Palace Hotel
How about this hotel

Let’s take a look at some of the best 5-star hotels in India!

We stayed at the Old building ‘Palace Hotel’.

I introduce it in order from check-in!


As soon as you get off the taxi, the staff will bring you large luggage.

I misunderstood that it was stolen because I kept it without telling my name, but delivered it properly to the room! Lol

I think they know who’s baggage by their face. (Perhaps!)

This is the lobby right after entering the entrance!


When I told my name at the counter in the lobby, so I was taken to a place with another place that put the table and seat.  At the photo place ↓ and took check-in.

After check-in, he gave me a necklace to commemorate and put red powder on my forehead.

Indian foreheads…you know, It was powder!

And then, the staff took a photo in front of this beautiful flower.


After the photo, Stuff guided me to the room while explaining the inside of the Hotel.

They gave me detailed guidance on how to use the elevator and when this Palace was built … but look at it! In this hall! Beauty without explanation! (I didn’t hear English at all. Lol)

Mumbai was a British colony and the building was like a western. It was an amazing building!


And here is the corridor that leads to our room. A different atmosphere from the spiral staircase. Each wall picture and figurine was different.

I often passed the hotel staff here, but they always greeted me with a smile!!


I think that the wonderfulness of the building was transmitted, but there was a surprise that jumped in the room!!

Luxury Room

The room we stayed in was a room on the 5th floor of the palace building with a view of the sea.

Here is one aside…

Upgraded or Not??

I researched various hotels before the travel, There was information that

“If you tell information such as “wedding anniversary”, the room will be upgraded.”

So when I asked a transfer reservation question,

“I heard that the room will be upgraded on an anniversary, Is there such a service? It ’s 8th-anniversary wedding travel.”

I tried to send an email.

The answer was like that…

“I will do my best, depending on the reservation status”

I praised that it was impossible at that time.

The room was not upgraded.


The hotel’s “best” was far beyond our expectations!

They decorated my room for a wedding celebration!!

When the hotel man opens the door …

Inside was put a red carpet, and There was decorated with flowers!


The room was filled with heart balloons, and even a cushion with anniversary embroidered on the bed!


Not only that… There was a flower box on the table and a cake with the “8th Anniversary Wedding Day” written on it!!


The staff also said, “Congratulations on the anniversary,” first of all, and explained the hotel and services.

We also received a welcome drink apple juice!


About five minutes later, Bellboy carried my luggage. Bellboy also explained various things and recommended dinner reservations at restaurants. (We refrained because it was after eating a full stomach on the plane.)

I was able to take a breath after he left and looked around the room, The room was luxurious even without the decoration!

Gorgeous room based on elegant white and turquoise

The room was standardized in white and turquoise western colors.


I wondered if the decorations would be taking out at the next day’s bedmaking … BUT, reset them every day!

I spent 3 days in such a happy room!


The marble bathroom had a separate shower and bathtub!

The room was nice but I also loved the bathroom!

The bathroom made entirely of marble! Separate shower booth and bathtub! The toilet was on this right side.

The petals were placed every day up to the tub, so I dipped the petals in the bath every day and took a bath*


Amenity was well prepared. Plus…

From the basic amenities found in other hotels, a variety of amenity types were prepared, including simple shoe stain removal.

I tried using shampoos, rinses, honey soaps… all prepared, but my hair didn’t squeak, so I used them every day!


And I was glad that the day after I enjoyed the bubble bath with the amenity on the first day, a milk bath was placed next to the bubble bath!

On the second day, I took a bath with petals on the milk bath!


There was a Taj Mahal bookmark on the book!!

This was not the only concern.

When I came back from the second-day tour, there was a Taj Mahal bookmark in the book we brought from Japan!

This is a Disney hotel!? Their service that I doubted!


Breakfast at the Sea Lounge

The fluffy time started in such a dreamy hotel and room, but even the breakfast was special.
I was able to eat in such a cute room!

In the morning, I could have a breakfast buffet in the sea lounge on the second floor.

When I gave my room number and name at the reception, I was led to a vacant seat inside. There are spacious table seats, sofa seats, and many types of bread decorated with colorful flowers, so just being here made me feel good.


One bread vessel per table!

When I arrived at the table, he asked me which coffee or tea was better, and prepared a vessel filled with bread.

It seems that croissants are delicious in this sea lounge, and the croissants were delicious exactly.


It ’s also a butter placed next to the bread bowl. This butter was strangely delicious, and I liked eating a lot of this butter and syrup on a French toast!

How about freshly prepared egg dishes?

Many breakfast buffets cook freshly cooked egg dishes at hotels in Japan, but there is also an egg chef here to cook freshly fried eggs and omelets. There seemed to be egg benedict, so I wanted to try it!


The reception lady memorized the name …!

On the first day, I was informed with the room number and name, but what surprised me was the second day!

I checked before the receptionist’s lady looked at my face and said “Miss, Natsumi, right??” 

And then,

The third day was “Goodmorning, Miss, Natsumi”!!

I didn’t see any other Asians, so I think it was easy to remember, but I was convinced that this was 5 stars.

They called me “Madam” at the hotel …!

Also, when I received services at this hotel, restaurant, etc., I was called “Madam”.

Like, “How about a madam, an omelet?” “Madam, How about a substitute for tea?”

Japanese people seem to be especially young, and many people in India told me that I looked around 20…

Still, it was said to be madam in the hotel and was able to receive a very polite service!!


Afternoon Tea is free

Taj Mahal Hotel is famous for “High tea”.

In the afternoon, people can enjoy a set of tea and sweets at the Sea Lounge where I had breakfast.

It takes about $20 but…The hotel guest was Free!!

Because there was a space on the lower floor of this sea lounge where people can make tea only for guests. We were guided here.


We were able to eat coffee with warm tarts and sandwiches!

The tart was delicious and I ate again!!

And this is free! So I left the seat with a tip.




Speaking of hotels, the pool!

In particular, overseas pools are open late into the night, so I love overseas hotel pools!!


Could not enter the pool here. The weather wasn’t so good, but …

No courage to excited in the 5star pool…lol

It seems stuff will be angry when I jump in…



There were restaurants as well as Starbucks in the hotel!

We entered from the outside, but could I entire from the inside …? It is on the far left as seen from the front of the hotel!

The price was almost the same as in Japan!


Currency exchange

I found several exchange offices in Mumbai, but there seemed to be a deal with few types of currency. The airport rate is quite bad, so it may be better to change money at the hotel. (I don’t think the hotel rate is good …)

*As of September 2018 rate and actual money exchange results


・Exchange ¥1= R 0.64 

   ⇒¥5000=R 3184 

・Hotel  ¥1=R 0.58 + Tax

   ⇒¥5000=R 2700

・・・Losing about  ¥700 ($7)?

The exchange staff on the far right of the lobby counter cashes in.

But there has no change, so you can’t do something like “Put out a $100 bill and change only $50”. 

We recommend that you bring money with a small bill!

※The exchange counter is where two office workers on the right stand.


Souvenir Coin

The return day that finally came.

When I checked out in the lobby, they gave me one coin with a string. That the name of Taj Mahal is dug in the coin, meaning “GOODLUCK”.

It was a warm hotel until the very end.


After checking out, They kept my luggage without saying ◎

I had time from checkout to flight, so I was going to leave my luggage.

When I arrived at the lobby and tried to speak to the staff, the staff immediately responded with “Luggage storage, would you ??”

It was OK just to say the room number and name when receiving the luggage ◎

Hotel Transfer Price

Finally about the Transfer.

You will receive an email from the hotel about 2 days before check-in. If you ask for it, you will be picked up from the hotel.

Hotel transfer is R4950 = about $70. ( R6300 for Benz = $89)

BUT Using a Taxi, it was R 700 with a cooler and Uber was R 450 with a cooler!

A taxi was not serious and disgusting… so UBER is recommended◎!


Hotel Location

The place is in front of the India Gate! Around here is a tourism center in Mumbai.

There are food shops and shopping streets around it! The nearest station, “Chhatrapati Shivaji Tamina’s station”, is about a 15-minute walk away, so it is a bit far away.


Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

That’s all

As you can see, it was a great hotel for a 5 star !!

Moreover, the wedding anniversary decorations were wonderful … I felt like I was a princess!  I want to stay here again!

Thank you Taj Mahal Hotel! !!

Be careful Reservation

Talk about important things!!

As I mentioned at the beginning, the Taj Mahal Hotel is divided into the Old Palace building and the New Tower building.

If you want to stay at the Palace building, you must make a reservation at the Palace building !!

※The palace building is on the left side of the photo, and the tower building is on the right side.


In the case of Expedia, the Palace building and Tower building are separated, so I think that you can make a reservation easily and clearly.

EG India


* (公開されません)