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【How to go】WatArun & WatPho. Take Train & Boat by myself!

【How to go】WatArun & WatPho. Take Train & Boat by myself!

How to go WatArun & WatPho
Boat Route

How to go WatArun & WatPho Boat Route

Next, I will explain the【Boat Route】!

This route is recommended for a stay near the【Saphan Thaksin Sta.】,【any pier】and【Khao San Road】!

I also stayed near 【Saphan Taksin Station】, so I used this route!

There were some situations when I was confused because there is no boat movement in Japan… But it was comfortable to travel in hot Thailand by boat!

Then let’s review the boat route▼!

How to go WatArun & WatPho Boat Route2

Boat Route①
How to go to Wat Arun

Boat Route① How to get to Wat Arun

★From the nearest pier to【★(Wat Arun)】!

The nearest pier for Wat Arun is【★】! It doesn’t write “Wat Arun”, but【★】=【Wat Arun】!

▼This is a【Boat Map】with sightseeing spots! Check out the nearest pier!

Map download here★

3 types of public boat and a tourist boat

As mentioned following, there are 4 types of boats in Bangkok.

Three of them are public boats【Chaopraya Express(Cheap)】, and one is a boat for tourists【HOP ON HOP OFF boat (expensive)】!

Orange Flag ⇒ each stop
・Business hour 6:00am~7:00pm
・Fee 15B($0.5)

Yellow Flag ⇒ Express boat (morning and evening only)
Business hour 6:00~8:00am, 5:00~8:00pm
Fee 20B($0.65)

Green Flag ⇒ Express boat (morning and evening only)
Business hour 6:00~8:00am, 4:00~6:00pm
Fee Varies with distance 13~32B($0.4~$1)

HOP ON HOP OFF ⇒ Tourist Boat (Tour major tourist spot)
Business hour 9:30am~5:30pm
Fee a day 180B($5.8)

You can get to 【★Wat Arun】 by Orange flag boat(each stop), Yellow flag boat(Express), or HOP ON HOP OFF boat(Tourist boat)!

I will explain how to take a boat!

This is how to take a boat from 【Sathorn Pier】,but basically, the take a boat is the same way everywhere.

How to take a boat from【Sathorn Pier】


When you arrive at【Sathorn Pier】, buy a boat ticket! (You can buy it on a boat, but the staffs frustrating anytime, so I recommend buying it here! lol)

When you arrive at the【Sathorn pier】, you will be guided to the 【HOP ON HOP OFF boat】by a staff wearing the light blue shirt as “Where do you go?”…but!

↓【Chao Phraya Express】counter is Here!

The 【HOP ON HOP OFF boat】staff makes hide the【Chao Phraya Express】counter, but… there is on the way to 【HOP ON HOP OFF boat】counter!


Buy a ticket here!
When asked about “Wat Arun”, they will sell【Orange Flag】or【Yellow Flag】tickets!

At my time, the【Yellow Flag boat】had already arrived, so I bought a ticket for 20B/per and ride it!

80B for 4 people!

Take a【Orange Flag】or【Yellow Flag】boat


The Flag is behind the boat!

It was better the【Yellow Flag(Express)】that 3rd stop was【★Wat Arun】(about 10min)! In case of【Orange Flag(each stop)】takes 20-30mins to the【Wat Arun】.

【HOP ON HOP OFF boat】like that!


 【HOP ON HOP OFF boat】 is more expensive and has a shorter business hour, but has more seats than public boats!

You can almost certainly sit and move with this boat, so if you want to move comfortably, you may use this!

Moreover, this ship can go to ASIATIQUE! (However, the business hours are short, so it cannot be used at night!)

Arrive at【Wat Arun】!


Wat Arun is right in front of you when you get off the boat!

Let’s check this★ out for the entrance fee, clothes, and inside appearance of【Wat Arun】!

Next, I will explain how to go from【Wat Arun】to【Wat Pho】!

Boat Route②
How to go to【WatPho】

Boat Route② How to get to【WatPho】

★Take a ferry from【Wat Arun】to【Wat Pho】!

▼It looks like this!

Take a ferry from【Wat Arun】to【Wat Pho】!

The ferry location is on the far right when you see Wat Arun in front (the far left when you have Wat Arun in your back)!

▼There is the yellow circle!


The ferry of the Wat Arun side is here!

How to take a ferry【WatArun】⇔【N8 ThaTian】


★When you arrive at the ferry pier, pay the fee and take a ferry!(The photo shows the【N8 ThaTian】pier but the fee is the same!)

The fee is 4B($0.15) one way, the ferry intervals about 15mins, and you can reach the opposite in 5mins!

Walk about 5 minutes from the【N8 Tha Tian】pier to the entrance to【Wat Pho】!

Take a ferry from【Wat Arun】to【Wat Pho】!

Arrive at【Wat Pho】


Let’s check this★ out for the entrance fee, clothes, and inside appearance of【Wat Pho】!

That was the boat route!

Be careful on your way back!


You can go back the same way, but be careful that the boarding point is different!

The drop off point is in front of Wat Arun, roughly in the middle, but the boat boarding point is the ▼orange circle!


There is a Chao Phraya Express staff near the boarding point so please buy a ticket!


How about going to a cheap massage area on your way back?


You can go back to【Satorn Pier】 from Wat Arun by orange flag boat if you get off next stop 【S2 Wat Worachanyawas】, there are super cheap massage area!

【Wat Worachanyawas】is a temple but there is massage school here, so you can get a cheap massage!

At my time (May 2019), foot massage & full body massage were 100B($3.2) for 1 hour!

It’s quite cheap, so Let’s try it!

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At the end

That’s how to go to【Wat Arun】&【Wat Pho】!

You can go around these two famous temples on yourself, so try it!

It’s hot in Thailand so get physically tired, but it’s cheaper!

For more information on【Wat Arun】and【Wat Pho】, Let’s check this out!

It is good to go on a tour!

Hot in Thailand and the crowd of temples, moreover the temples are quite large…we were physically tight even at the age of 30, so if you are not confident in your physical fitness, it is recommended to book a tour!

▼ The following tour will take you to【Wat Arun】,【Wat Pho】and【Wat Phra Kaew & Royal Palace】!

The tour will take you around the bus with a cooler, so it’s really comfortable! And with a guide!

I couldn’t go to Wat Pak Nam this time so I want to go next time!

Check Bangkok Tour

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