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【How to go】WatArun & WatPho. Take Train & Boat by myself!

【How to go】WatArun & WatPho. Take Train & Boat by myself!


I want to know how to go to Wat Arun & Wat Pho cheaply by myself!

For you…

I would like to explain 【How to go to Wat Arun & Wat Pho】with Illustrations!

When I went there in 2017 & 2019, there was only a way to go by boat BUT…

In September 2019, A new MRT(train) track was opened! You can also go by train!

So I will introduce two methods, 【Train Route】and【Boat Route】!

Let’s try these two World Heritage Sites by yourself!


You can go there by Train Route $3, Boat Route $2 or less!

WatArun & WatPho Directions
Bangkok Map & Location

WatArun & WatPho Get Directions Bangkok Map & Location

★First of all, let’s check the location of your hotel and the two world heritage sites!

▼This is a 【Bangkok Route Map】 that cuts out the major locations in Bangkok!

Bangkok Route Map
Bangkok Route Map HERE★

First of all, check the location of【Hotel (place to stay)】and【Wat Arun & Wat Pho】!

The nearest pier for Wat Arun is【★(Wat Arun)】, and the nearest station for Wat Pho is【Sanam Chai】.

Make sure you use a train or boat route that is easily accessible!

Those who are near 【Saphan Taksin Sta.】,【Sathorn Pier】,【Khao San Road】, and any pier are also recommended to use the boat route!

For those who want to go by boat, the starting point is 【Sathorn Pier】 where you can transfer from 【Saphan Taksin Sta.】!

WatArun & WatPho
How to go there

Next, here is an each of the illustration of 【Train Route】and【Boat Route】▼

Although【Wat Pho】and【Wat Arun】are near each other, but they are separated by a river so the surroundings are slightly different!

WatArun & WatPho How to go there

Public boat are cheaper than trains, so【Boat Route】 are cheaper!

Let’s start explanation with the train route!

【Map & Directions】Download

【Map & Directions】Download

Print Size Map Download

I made a print that【Train & Boat Route Map】and【Wat Arun & Wat Pho Directions】are in the set.

▼You can download it here, so please use it locally!

Map & Directions Print Size DL

Click here★ to download other【Bangkok Route Maps】and【Boat Map】!

How to go to WatArun & WatPho
Train Route

How to go WatArun & WatPho Train Route

At first, the train route!

Recommended route for people staying near the station!

The train route like that▼


Let’s get to the details with picture!

Train Route①
How to go to WatPho

Train Route① How to get to WatPho

★First, from the station closest to your stay to【SanamChai Sta.】!

Let’s check the place your stay again!

Bangkok Route Map

You can get to【SanamChai Sta.】from any place at most one transfer!

Transfer information for Bangkok ▼This app is quite convenient as it can be used for free and offline!

開発元:Federico Zanetello
posted withアプリーチ

When you arrive at【SanamChai Sta.】

▼Aim at the entrance to Wat Pho like this map! About 7 minutes on foot!

station to watpho

Arrive at【Wat Pho】!


Let’s check this★ out for the entrance fee, clothes, and inside appearance of【Wat Pho】!

Next, how to go from【Wat Pho】to【Wat Arun】!

Train Route②
How to go to Wat Arun

Train Route② How to get to Wat Arun

★Take a ferry from【Wat Pho】to【Wat Arun】!

Like that▼

Take a ferry from【Wat Pho】to【Wat Arun

【N8 ThaTian ⇔ Wat Arun】How to take a ferry


★When you arrive at the 【N8 ThaTian】pier, pay the fee and take a ferry!

The fee is 4B($0.15) one way, the ferry intervals about 15 mins, and you can reach the opposite in 5mins!

Arrive at around the yellow circle▼, so if you get off the boat, proceed to the left hand and then you will see Wat Arun!


Arrive at【Wat Arun】!


Let’s check this★ out for the entrance fee, clothes, and inside appearance of【Wat Arun】!

That’s all for【Train Route】!

On the way back, go back the route you came to or…
It’s recommended that take the boat route to the【Super Cheap Massage Area】next to【Saphan Thaksin Sta.】!

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Next, I would like to explain【Boat Route】!

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