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【HanedaAirport→Ueno】Access Guide! Fee & Time

【HanedaAirport→Ueno】Access Guide! Fee & Time

I wanna go to Ueno from HND…
Which way is Cheaper and Easier?

For such a person, this time…
I explain transportation 【Haneda Airport (HND)→Ueno】!

If you look at this, you can see how to get to Ueno, the【 Price & Time & Transfer】!


Let’s check it out!

Access Guide

HanedaAirport→Ueno Access Guide

“Haneda Airport” has the 3rd highest airport utilization rate in Japan! but…

You don’t know the location of the airport to each place of Tokyo!

First, let’s grasp the positional relationship on the route map!

handeda airport train map

HND is close to Tokyo, about 30~50mins by Train & Car.


Want you to move quickly and easily from the airport to Ueno, right?

HanedaAirport → Ueno
Access Guide

▼ This is 【HND ⇔ Ueno Access Comparison】 by each transportation!

Access Guide Haneda ⇔ Ueno
  • The Cheapest and The Fastest transportation is Train !
  • No transfer transportation is Taxi !

Let’s take a look at the details of【①Train】【②Bus】【③Taxi】!

HanedaAirport → Ueno
①Access by Train

HanedaAirport → Ueno ①Access by Train

There are two lines from “Haneda Airport Station”, 【Keikyu Line】 and 【Tokyo Monorail】!

▼You can go to Ueno Station like this.

HanedaAirport → Ueno ①Access by Train2

The Keikyu Line is cheaper than the Tokyo Monorail, but the Time required is almost the same.

Keikyu Line


Tokyo Monorail

Source:Tokyo Monorail

The Tokyo Monorail is more vacant!

Haneda Airport Station

Before using Haneda Airport, check which terminal you will use!

Haneda Airport has three terminals 1-3.

D★Difference of Terminal
  • Terminal 1 (International)
    Using Oneworld Group
  • Terminal 2 (International)
    Using Star Alliance Group
  • Terminal 3 (Domestic)

Take the Keikyu Line or Tokyo Monorail from each terminal at Haneda Airport.


★Keikyu Line
From Terminal to Station
How to Buy a Ticket
Keikyu Train Line Map

★Tokyo Monorail
From Terminal to Monorail Official Movie
about Tickets
Monorail Line Map


If you want to go cheap, take the train!

Next is how to get there by bus!

Haneda Airport → Ueno
②Access by Bus

Haneda Airport → Ueno ②Access by Bus

There is no direct bus from Haneda Airport to Ueno Station, so you will have to transfer.

Take the 【Keihin Kyuko Bus】 to Tokyo Station and take the train to Ueno!

However, some routes are currently suspended due to the Covit-19, so you need to check before using!

★Keihinkyuko Bus
  • HND ⇔ Tokyo
    ¥950 / abt.40mins

※Other destinations ★Details

How to buy a ticket

Tickets can be purchased at the 【Bus Ticket Vending Machine】 at each terminal.

HND Bus Stop

If you want to make a reservation in advance, check the following!


★Haneda Airport Limousine Bus

Travel hassle-free from Haneda Airport to downtown Tokyo with the Haneda Airport Limousine Bus!
Recline in a comfortable, spacious seat and stay connected with the free high-speed Wi-Fi service onboard.

  • Single Trip ¥1,350
  • Round Trip ¥2,650

1.Shinjuku 2.TokyoCityAirTerminal 3.Ikebukuro 4.Mejiro 5.Otemachi&Marunouchi(TokyoStarionMarunouchiNorthExit) 6.Hibiya,Ginza,Shiodome 7.Roppongi,Akasaka 8.Shiba,Ebisu,Shinagawa 9.Shibuya 10.Rinkai Fukutoshin 11.ToyosuStation 12.Asakusa,Kinshicho,Toyocho 13.Nerima,Nogata,Nakano

Haneda Airport → Ueno
③Access by Taxi

Haneda Airport → Ueno ③Access by Taxi

You can take a 【fixed-rate taxi】 from HND to each place of Tokyo. *Advance reservation required


Although it is a fixed rate system, “HND ⇔ Ueno Station” costs a fixed rate of ¥7,300+highway fee(¥1000-3000).

I don’t know which highway be use, so I don’t know how much the taxi fare will be.

If you want to know the price in advance, Uber is recommended!

Fixed-rate taxi advance reservation

About Uber

Uber is a pick up service that uses an app.

It is a system that you can know the estimate in advance.

Credit information is registered in advance, it is convenient to get off without paying after using a taxi!

Uber Estimates

This time, I am writing the amount estimated. Please note that prices may vary depending on the time of day.

Estimate with Uber
Use Uber


Uber has a driver evaluation system, so they will drive you carefully!

At the end

That’s how to get to 【HND → Ueno】!

Did you find the perfect transportation?


I wish you a pleasant trip to Tokyo!

▼This is a summary of 【HND ⇔ Each place of Tokyo (Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ueno, Asakusa)】!

【Haneda Airport⇔Tokyo】Access Guide! Fee & Time
【Haneda Airport⇔Tokyo】Access Guide! Fee & TimeIllustrated comparison of access Haneda Airport to Tokyo! Trains, buses, taxis... Cheap and Fast directions are here!...