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【Hotel Review】Hotel Monterey Sapporo in Hokkaido

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Three consecutive holidays including Christmas.

I wanted to go on a trip, I made a reservation 2 days before departure, and went to Hokkaido, the city closest to Christmas in Japan!!

Maximum temperature -3 degrees, snow falling from the sky, frozen ground! lol

Exactly white Christmas !!

And this time, we booked the most European hotel for Christmas!

That’s here!

“Hotel Monterey Sapporo”

I’m going to write down what the hotel looked like a very western-style, retro and cute!

Hotel Monterey Sapporo Inside picture

This hotel I stayed at this time was a beautiful hotel with a lovely interior!

The outside and inside are decorated with a lot of “Kings Yellow”, and it seems to be a hotel with a British style motif. So the inside was like a foreign country!

It was a lovely hotel with a commitment to every corner of the figurines and pictures on the walls and the elevator!

I’m worried if I can put all the photos! lol

A retro phone greets you at the entrance ↓

Hotel Monterey Sapporo Inside

Hotel Appearance 
Classic British Yellow

Hotel Monterey Sapporo Appearance

There are many hotels on the main street of Sapporo, but here is the cute yellow hotel, Hotel Monterey Sapporo.

Hotel Monterey Sapporo

Hotel Monterey Sapporo Access map

It was about 3 minutes from the station and I never got lost!  Because it was in the place facing the boulevard as seen from the train. It was quite close to the station, so I was able to go outside after checking in once.


〒060-0034  Higashi 1-3 Kita 4 Jyo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo

Hotel Monterey Sapporo
Hotel inside view

The exterior of the hotel is also pretty, but I was surprised at the thorough interior when I entered inside! Cute everywhere! First from the lobby!

High Ceiling 
Lovely Lobby

Hotel Monterey Sapporo Lobby

This is the lobby. The ceiling is high! There is a board in the lobby where the weather today is written by hand. The maximum temperature of the day was minus 3 degrees!  Minus 3 degrees at the end of December!

Hotel Monterey Sapporo Enchanting Courtyard

This hotel had a very gorgeous courtyard!  The right side is a ceremonial hall, and when I checked in, the bride and groom were about to enter!

By the way, there is a table on the right side of the ceremony hall and this courtyard where you can eat breakfast while looking out at the lovely courtyard.

It seems that you can go to the second floor from these stairs.

Hotel Monterey Sapporo wedding

Moving a Clock Hands
Retro Elevator

Hotel Monterey Sapporo Elevator

The elevator was the one that I thought was particularly wonderful in this hotel!

The clock hands move like an analog elevator! I saw this elevator for the first time …I saw this elevator for the first time …

There are such clock hands in the elevator and the needle moves in the elevator as well!

Hotel Monterey Sapporo
Country Type Room

Hotel Monterey Sapporo Room

There seem to be several types of rooms, but I stayed in a country type room.(This room seems to have been selected without choosing)

I feel some Westernness with calm colors. There seems to be a classic type, a room with a canopy bed, and a Japanese-style room. I want to stay in a bed with a canopy!!

Light Green Bathroom

Hotel Monterey Sapporo bathRoom

The bathroom was a unit bath style where the bath and toilet were in the same space, but it wasn’t cramped because it was spacious. There is a bathtub, and there is a decent size.

Above all, the cuteness of this bathroom!! The door color and handle are nice and the tiles are cute!


Basic amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste set and razor are available.

By the way, this time it was a bullet trip for 2 days and 1 night, so I did not bring shampoo and rinse. but, the shampoo and rinse here was normal like that I usually use, so I was able to use the shampoo and rinse without any problems!

Wi-Fi & Smartphone
A Smartphone in 1Room

Hotel Monterey Sapporo Smartphone

wifi was usable without a problem! And There was one smartphone in one room, and this could be taken out. It could see maps and information about Hokkaido!

We didn’t use it, but it would be very nice for overseas tourists!!

Hot spring / Spa
Partner Hotel Available

If you look online, you will see that there is a natural hot spring (Karlovy Vary Spa) on the 14th floor of the hotel, but it is the partner hotel Hotel Monterey Sapporo Edelhof. 

This hotel Monterey Sapporo guest seems to be able to use the hot spring of this partner hotel at the guest price!

Hotel Monterey Sapporo is quite close to this partner hotel, about 5 minutes on foot! We didn’t have time to use it, but if you want to use a hot spring, you can use it!

★Hot spring fee
Special discount for hotel guests: ¥860/per
(General fee ¥2,880 /per)

Hotel Monterey Edelhof: Karlovy Vary Spa


Hotel Monterey Sapporo
Breakfast Buffet

Hotel Monterey Sapporo Morning Buffet

Both my husband and I love the hotel breakfast! So I will have breakfast!

Both Japanese and Western breakfasts are available here, and there was a live kitchen (space where the chef will bake) where you can eat freshly prepared omelets and waffles!

The ingredients seem to use plenty of Hokkaido!

Hokkaido Milk

Hokkaido Milk

Hokkaido ingredients are used everywhere, but of course, milk also Hokkaido milk!

Japanese Food

Japanese Food

This is a Japanese food stand. How to eat Hokkaido natto and Hokkaido potatoes is written!

Freshly Made Omelet


Chefs cook freshly made omelets! There were tomato sauce and demiglace sauce. I ate with demiglace sauce, and the omelet was delicious!

Salad Bar

Salad Bar

Of course, there were many other side dishes such as salads and gratin!



Bread is indispensable for Western food, but there were several types of bread here! There was also a toaster so you can eat it warm!

Breakfast Buffet Price


This breakfast is ¥1900.

I made a reservation with breakfast at the time of booking, but if you forget to have breakfast with the reservation, you can make a morning reservation at check-in.

In the morning you can eat breakfast in the beautiful courtyard like this!

If you want to eat Seafood Like Hokkaido

By the way, there wasn’t seafood like raw salmon or Ikura. The Japanese food in this breakfast was a standard Japanese food type as there is in other hotels.

The so-called Hokkaido breakfast buffet with raw salmon or Ikura is in the partner hotel Hotel Monterey Edelhof Sapporo!

Hotel Monterey Edelhof Sapporo


This time, it was a hotel that was chosen with an emphasis on “The Christmas”, we were able to stay in a perfect place!

Hotel Monterey Sapporo was a beautiful and lovely hotel!

When I come to Sapporo someday, I want to stay here, and next time I want to sleep in a bed with a canopy! lol

This time I went to Sapporo Fish Market, Munich Christmas Market, and Otaru, so I will write about them!

See you next time!!

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Check Hotel Monterey Edelhof Sapporo

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