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【Sapporo Winter Ivent】Odori Park Christmas Market! Directions, Photos

Sapporo Christmas Market

After arriving in Hokkaido, eating sesame miso ramen and relaxing at the hotel…

I decided to go out to the night city of Sapporo after sunset.


Because there is Santa at night in Sapporo!

…No, there ’s no Santa in Hokkaido

Some people may have thought.

There is Santa!

In Sapporo !!

Look !!

Hokkaido Munich Christmas Market

I thought there was no Christmas market in Japan, but there are in Sapporo!!

I came to Hokkaido with a bullet to do Christmas, so I couldn’t go back to Tokyo without seeing Santa! Have Santa do a big hug for me !!

So I went there\(^o^)/

17th (2018) in Sapporo
Munich Christmas Market

I think there are some people who “What is a Christmas market?”.

The Christmas market is a glittering market that runs mainly around Germany from the end of November until Christmas !!


This Christmas market sells ornaments, figurines, Stollen and other foods that decorate Christmas! I really want to go to Germany one day!

It seems that it has been 30 years since Sapporo signed a sister city agreement with Munich, and this Munich Christmas Market was started to help Japanese people know about Munich!

There was a German official Christmas market in Sapporo!

What surprised me when I went there was that there were lots of western people with high noses out there! They opened a shop for authentic food, tapestry and figurines!

The shop was also created in the image of a western-style hut, and it was illuminated, so the atmosphere was real Christmas!

Hokkaido Munich Christmas Market entrance

Munich Christmas Market
Directions & Sapporo Map

Munich Christmas Market is held in Sapporo’s representative park named “Odori Park”!

Getting to Odori Park is quite easy! As you can see from the “Sapporo Map” below, it is almost straight out of the station!

There are two routes, the orange route, and the pink route, but it takes about 10 to 15 minutes for either route!

If you want to go around from the edge, go to pink route,
If you want to go without lost, go to Orange Route.

Munich Christmas Market Directions & Sapporo Map

The part surrounded by yellow dots is the illumination area! 

And The blue part is where Munich Christmas Market is held.

Odori Park

First of all, I would like to start with illumination!

I stayed at Hotel Monterey Sapporo, so I went to Sapporo TV Station on the Pink Route!

Sapporo TV station Illumination

Sapporo TV station illumination

This tower is built at the end of the park, it is beautiful and good! When I looked at Odori Park from this tower, it must have been beautiful!

Odori Park TV Station Tree

Odori Park TV Station Tree

And here is a big tree in front of the TV station! The snow is nice!! It is only in the Tohoku region or Hokkaido where snow falls in Japan at Christmas!

Illumination in front of a TV station

Illumination in front of TV station

There was also illumination at the bottom of this tower!

Odori Park illumination

Odori Park illumination

And here is the illumination around 3-4 block! As you can see there was a large object! There was a little more object in the back, but I didn’t go further!

Snowman on the way

Snowman on the way

This is a snowman around the entrance of Christmas City! cute!

That was the illumination!


Munich Christmas Market
Shop & Atmosphere

Now, take a look at the Munich Christmas Market!

I went there on the 23rd (Sat) night, so it was quite crowded! 

There were Christmas ornaments, figurines, bakery and food shops, and almond shops!

Munich Christmas Market Shop!

There are shops on both sides of the road like this! And everywhere is sparkling and cute! I feel like a winter market! This is exciting!!

Christmas Ornament shop

Christmas Ornament shop

Really… really really CUTE !!

The color is Christmas! Unfortunately, there is no tree in my house, but if you are in a foreign country, you will probably buy a lot of these!

Christmas Figurines Shop

Christmas Figurines Shop

What is this bear!! What a lovely expression …! Oh, the snowman has the same eye! Lol, cute!

Candle Shop

Candle Shop

This dwarf is … a candle! There is a thread on the tip of the hat. It seems to be scary if you set fire … lol

There was also a candle stand! It’s Nice! I’ve only seen such a long candle at a grandmother’s funeral! (Mouth chuck)


Christmas Figurine Shop

Christmas Figurine

It is good to decorate the accessories on a red cloth everywhere! It seems Christmas !!

The prices are a little higher, but I really wanted to decorate one at home, so I looked around carefully!

Homemade Christmas House

omemade Christmas House

A foreigner was also a clerk in this store, but it seems that the person is making it! The object in this house was really cute! I already got a souvenir, so I gave up, but I should have bought one! !

Russian Matryoshka Shop

Russian Matryoshka Shop

Well, what did I buy in worried…

Here!! A Matryoshka !!

This is a matryoshka Shop from the Russians! (I wanted her nose in half because her nose was high!)

I don’t have Matryoshka! And there was a Christmas matryoshka here so I bought it!!

Santa and snowman come out from the tree!! lol  C U T E !!

Christmas matryoshka

I got this Christmas matryoshka and the bag was so cute!

matryoshka shop bag

And there ’s something I ca n’t overlook in this shop…I found it when I left this shop …

That’s Putin President T-shirt !! lol

Putin President T-shirt

There is Russia…I know, Putin ’s T-shirt also cute…

Almond shop

Almond shop

There was a food shop but it was too crowded to eat here! However, there was only a picture of an almond shop!

Price like that↓

★in 2019 Almond Price
S ¥750  M ¥1,000  L ¥2,000  XL ¥2,500

The choir sings a song

The choir sings a song

There was another stage like this, and the choir was singing.

Listen to the holy song on Christmas Eve, I feel my heart become clean !!

The TV tower behind it is also beautiful!


I’m sorry for a few photos, but there were quite a few people and It was covered with snow that I wasn’t used to…!

On the way back, I saw a clock tower in Sapporo! I couldn’t enter because the admission time was over!

Sapporo clock tower

Wait…Is there Santa? I think there are like a person who thought, but there was Santa properly!

But I was giving up because he was doing a big hug to the boy and there were kids around him and there was no chance for me to hug! But it was good to see him !! Because he is Westerner. (I don’t want to see a Japanese Santa.)

After this, I couldn’t eat anything at the Christmas market, so I went for a walk in Sapporo for a search of delicious sushi!

Did I come across inspiring sushi !? ( I did !!)

Next time on sushi! See you soon!

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