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【Mumbai Safe Food Shops】Introducing the 3stores that actually ate!

【Mumbai Safe Food Shops】Introducing the 3stores that actually ate!

No abdominal pain or diarrhea!
Introduce Safe 3stores

Last time we sent you a lot of picture of the city of Mumbai…,

This time I’ll send you some picture what I actually ate at a Mumbai Eat shop!

Isn’t scary Indian food?? lol (rude)


This trip to Mumbai was finished with No abdominal pain and No diarrhea\(^o^)/

I think it was because I only ate in a restaurant that seemed quite safe…lol

Here are some of Mumbai 3 Eat shops! !


Recommended for you who do not want to get diarrhea!lol

Mumbai Safe Food Shop①
Taj Mahal Hotel “High tea”


Mumbai’s tourist destination is “Gateway of India”!

The Taj Mahal Hotel which’s a 5star hotel is right next to it .

This is also famous as a tourist destination, The “High Tea” here is also famous and can be used by non-guests!

The sea lounge

タージマハルホテル シーラウンジで朝食を

There is a security check at the entrance of this hotel. But it only Baggage inspection, you can enter easly.

The sea lounge is located on the left side of the hallway of the lobby, and you can take the elevator to the second floor or go up beautiful spiral staircase to get to the sea lounge.

Inside is a turquoise blue, with many sofa seats and a spacious space.

opening hours and menu

Sea Lounge is only opening from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm.

The menu seems to have a single item, but the most popular are the second “Victorian Afternoon Tea” and the third “Sea Lounge High Tea Buffet”.

Both are about $30 !!


Victorian Afternoon Tea
“Victorian Afternoon Tea” is a set of teapots and cakes and sandwiches on a common English-style three plate.
The teapot is enough to drink 2 or 3 cups, and there is no charge for hot water, but there is a charge for replacing another one.

Sea Lounge High Tea Buffet
“Sea Lounge High Tea Buffet” has all you can eat and drink!

High tea is free for hotel guests!


This is a high tea, Guest can use for free!

However, there are not as many types as mentioned above, and there are only two types of drinks, coffee or tea.

At first I was going to use the sea lounge, but the receptionist told me that it was free on the lower floor.

This is a lounge on the 1st floor, but it was nice and different from the sea lounge!


Even if there are fewer types, There were various kinds of items such as sandwiches, hot tartlets, mini cakes, and small side dishes!

You can eat a sea lounge buffet for breakfast, so if you are a guest and want to relax at the cafe, I think this is enough.

Access to Taj Mahal Hotel

Taj Mahal Hotel is right next to Gateway of India, so it’s better to stop by when visiting there for sightseeing! (Taj Mahal Hotel also comes with a Starbucks!)

It takes 30 minutes on foot from the nearest station, Chatrapati Shivaji Taminas Station, so it is convenient to use a taxi!

Google Map

Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

Mumbai Safe Food Shop②

ムンバイで安全なお店② CAFE MONDEGAR

Next I introduce you a recommended cafe in Mumbai!

It’s close to the hotel, There’s pretty stylish, the stuff is friendly, and the Indians who were drinking at a nearby table were also friendly (lol), so it’s a recommended cafe!

The inside of the store looks like this, there are many Indians, but there are a few foreigners!

A very cute and pop inside. There were many cheerful and friendly people!

Abundant menu

The cafe has a great menu!

However, There is no photo with a menu of characters only, you have to choose food while imagining.

I think some people go to this cafe to see this, so I’ll put a picture of the menu!

The price is roughly $3~5 for alcohol, $1~1.75 for soft drinks, and $3.5~11 for food.

It’s about the same price as Japan or a little cheaper!


Alcohol Menu


Indian Menu

Curry is on the Indian menu!


Tandoor Menu


Chiken/Pollo Menu

Pollo use mainly Chicken & Rice.


Softdrink Menu

This shop doesn’t need tips! (be prohibited)


Although it is written on the menu, tipping is prohibited.

In addition, it is written that there is no cost other than the menu.

If the waiter tells you something other than the bill, it should not occur, so you should decline or ask another person in the shop.(But when I went there was no problem!)

 Chiken Curry and Pollo


This is the chicken curry that my husband ordered ! There was a lot of meat in it and it was spicy! Nahn is thin and crispy.

And this is what I ordered. Perhaps Polo Stroganoff…


It is that I said “I want to eat this” from the images that found GOOGLE! Lol

The taste was pretty good! It’s not hot!!

It has taste never been eaten in Japan, but like it !

The stuff and the Indians around me were Friendly !


The good thing about this shop is that the stuff were cheerful and used to foreigners! I was able to eat comfortably!

And when I was looking at an Indian table with an interesting beer server, They talked to me so I was allowed to take a picture!

The shop here was bright overall and very good!


This is also a shop in the corner of the same Colaba area as McDonald’s.

There is the pop signboards and there are many people around the shop, so you can find out right away!

Opening hours are from 7:30 to 24:00,  open from morning until evening, so it may be a good to use there for breakfast or dinner!

Google Map

Metro House, 5A, Shahid Bhagat Singh Rd, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400039 India

Mumbai Safe Food Shop

Pls do not say…Is it McDonald’s even if you came to India? lol

I have eaten Indian McDonald’s here!

We went to McDonald’s, a shopping street in the Colaba district near the hotel!

The menu looks like this and is a little less than McDonald’s menu in Japan!

McDonald’s Menu in Mumbai


The menu looks like this and it’s a little fewer than a Japanese Mac!

We ordered two, One is a set of American cheese chicken.

The other is Med Chatpata Nahn Kebab, seems India !!


The total price is 427Rs ($6), so it is cheaper than the Japanese price! (In Japan, one set is $5.5-6.5)

When the order was over, I was given a number tag that would inform me and a cup of drink.

There is a soft drink bar !!

The roughness of drinks seems to be overseas! Lol  (In Japan, drinks are quite small and expensive!)

And here is what I ordered!


The Nankebab I ordered was pretty hot!

I’m not good at hot. so I didn’t remember what Ingredients was into it. Lol

But I think it ’s a major hot for Indians.


So I exchanged it for American cheese chicken!

Although it is American, the ingredients are chicken, so there was no American ! lol

But this was McDonald’s taste and it was delicious.


And what I found interesting was that the potato had a vegetarian mark !!

It may be natural in the Arab world, but it is too unfamiliar to us who are non-religious!

After eating, what was eaten was the style to leave in the seat.

Japan is a style to clean up yourself. Which is more in the world?

Access to McDonald’s(Colaba area)

Gateway of India

5-10 minutes on foot from Gateway of India !!

McDonald’s is in the center of the shopping street in the Colaba district.

This area is a shopping street, so it’s interesting just to walk!

Google Map

Metro House, Colaba Causeway, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001 India

At the end

This is the Mumbai shop I actually went to!

It was too little to look like this…lol I wish I had more to eat out !!

However, the above three are excellent shops that did not break the stomach, so please use them with peace of mind !!