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Cultural differences were too big!
What happened in Mumbai

Hello, nice to meet you. This is Natsumi, I traveled to India (Mumbai) in September 2018!

If you arrived at this article, you are probably going to Mumbai …

“Feeling Scared…, plus uneasy. ..”

You do…??

First of all, I would tell you…

IMumbai is completely different from Japan!

Things that don’t happen even if you live in Japan can easily happen in Mumbai!

That means …

My husband rammed his feet!

To the mountain of cow feces! lol

(Color photos put later!lol)

Now, let ’s take a look at the photos taken by walking around the Mumbai !

Each photo viewed from safe Japan is interesting…



Heavy Trafic Jam, Mumbai

As you know India is a very populous country. Along with that, the traffic is awful!

If you thought that “there are many Tokyo!”  It ’s totally different!

Here is the road situation in Mumbai, where once you take a taxi and go to the road, you will get more than three problems!!

It was nothing ! Catch the seat belt !

We didn’t understand.

Until the taxi driver tells you, “Oh… It’s Okay!

What was that…There was no one to a Chtch the seat belt !


We tremble to the driver who runs a car with a cool face like “nothing is natural”.

After this, I realized that Mumbai was full of nothings …

There is no traffic rule !!(omg)

There ’s no point in talking, so let ’s make a bullet here.

You may think it is a lie, but this is Mumbai as of 2018.


・The “honorarium mark” is meaningless. The horn that doesn’t stop ringing

Mumbai’s horn is really too loud! Just before the traffic light turns blue, for some reason, it begins to ring the horn all at once!

I think they’ll turn blue if they make a sound…?

・“Photo ban” on the bridge is also meaningless

Before entering the bridge, there was a “photo prohibition mark” and I thought, “Is there anyone who takes a picture while driving? Here. lol

Moreover, he was grinning while looking at the pictures he took. lol


・The helmet is OK with or without

India, a country that does not crack down on no-helmets.


・There are cars without a cooler in such a hot country

Although it is hot in India all year round, there are not many coolers yet, and many houses have no windows. (The train doesn’t even have a door. lol)

By the way, the price of a taxi is slightly higher than that without a cooler!


・People who business under the overpass

Japan also has businesses and lives in the space under the viaduct, but Mumbai was similar.

Another thing that surprised me was that some people started begging when the car stopped at the red traffic light…We were foreigners, so he went away…

↓A short movie showing the state of the city


India and religion

The next thing that surprised me was religion.

Of course, I knew that India was a Hindu / Islamic country, it also appeared in the city.

But in case of Mumbai, the altar is

Around September we went to a Hindu festival, and it seemed to be a particularly noisy time.

Japanese Buddhism and temples are quiet and calm so I was surprised by the Indian religion !!


・An altar stands with a loud sound and a flashy color

Not only the appearance but also the loud sound is noisy. lol

The method of worshiping is opposite to Japan!


・Ganesha, the elephant god

There were a lot of flashy altar like this, but there were also small types on the roadside.


・Indian style gate

Not only the altar stand but also its surroundings are gorgeous!

Indian style to decorate the surroundings of God with illumination!

When I was in the hotel, I could hear the sounds of musical instruments coming from outside, so when I went outside, there were people striking the instruments and dancing while walking around the city!


The day when he put his foot in God’s feces

Now let’s return to the beginning…This is not the only Indian god. It is a cow.

The reason why cows are sacred animals is because they are the vehicles of God (Shiva).

How many cow exist in Mumbai… Surprisingly there weren’t so many in Mumbai. I often see it.

The cow was not there as I thought, but it visited there at that time.

When I was taking a picture of the cityscape of Mumbai, I heard a sound from the neighbor!

There was a husband who was thrusting his feet into the mountain of feces!! lol

Indians nearby were also

It was good to have a lot of tissues and wet tissues.

After this, a terrible squall came down, and when we were staying in the rain, the old beggar spoke to us… It was

Cityscape of Mumbai

Why did he get his foot into the cow feces?

Because the city of Mumbai was so beautiful!

All of them are old, but I was attracted by their completely different appearance from Japan.

Since Mumbai was a British colony, the buildings built in that period are beautiful in Western-style.

Various shops in Mumbai

I saw a shop along the way.

They ranged from stylish and beautiful signboard shops to very crowded stalls on the road.


Gateway of India


The most popular tourist destination in Mumbai is “Gateway of India”.

It is a large monument on the seaside and a monument built during the British era.

Right next to this is Mumbai’s five-star Taj Mahal Hotel, which seems to be a tourist attraction.


・View from Taj Mahal Hotel

When I was in my room, I often looked at the Gate through the window, and there were people in the Gate both morning and night!

It seemed that there was an event from the morning on this day, and people were unable to enter!


This is near the entrance to the India Gate. The streets were crowded with tourists and sellers.


Stall selling fruits and nuts on the street.


The crowd in front of the Gate is like this!

There are always many people at the Gate whether Indian people also come to sightseeing!


This is the Taj Mahal Hotel seen from the Gate.

There are many people who sell photos, and people who have a camera often talk to me.

But that’s not all!

They sell drug too!

Be careful of those who take pictures! They ask, “Do you want to take a picture?” When I declined it, they asked “What about marijuana?” They recommend Marijuana to Frankly! lol (although I refused)

There was no selling strongly, so it was a level that should have been refused or ignored … It may be necessary to always be careful.

Various Mumbai

How did you feel about Mumbai ’s unique photos and appearances?

Mumbai was a city where I could feel excited just by walking the road.

Well, Last but not least is the introduction of animals !!

There were a lot of wild dogs!

I saw it all over the city!

Most dogs are mid-sized dogs and looks smart, so most of them are quiet.


This is a wild dog in front of the cultural heritage of Mumbai “Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Station”.

I wonder why this dog can’t be trampled because there are so many people going there!


There were around the hotel!

Some dogs are injured because of heavy traffic…


Of course there were stray cats too!


There were goats in the Elephanta Caves that can be reached by boat from Gateway of India!

And There were the number of pigeons staggering!

Marine drive


If you take a taxi from the airport to the city, you will definitely be able to see the beautiful scenery .

Since the city of Mumbai is along the sea, you can see the famous “Marine Drive” as well as the mosque floating in the sea.

ムンバイモスク ハジアリ

This is a mosque floating on the sea “Haji Ali”.

It may be a tourist spot, but I don’t really recommend it! There were too many people and people lined up to the outside road, so it seemed that it took a lot of physical strength and time to see.


↓ This is the dusk of India seen from the taxi going.

Instagram post by Natsumi. • Nov 7, 2018 at 9:05am UTC

Mumbai seen from Sky

And this is the city of Mumbai seen from the plane.

Green and building and moisture! It was as humid as in Japan.

Lastly, I’ll end with a photo sent by my Indian friends who lives in Mumbai.


The photo shows a district called Powai.

The right and left of this photo are the same Powai.

This is an interesting picture that clearly shows the current state of Mumbai and the difference between rich and poor.

I went to Mumbai ’s slum “Dalavi” which is said to be the biggest slum in Asia…When I first saw it, I couldn’t talk anymore.

The situation is written in a separate article, so if you are going to Mumbai, please read it!

At the end

How was it? It was a photo of Mumbai completely different from Japan.

When I was actually walking around the city, I always thought, “Is it going to face in trouble …”,  It was safer than I thought.

I was scared but India is actually an interesting country!

Please read the rest!

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