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【Coronavirus】Going Travel? or Cancel?

Coronavirus trip cancel

Coronavirus, which began in Wuhan, China since the end of December last year, has finally spread to the world…

It’s terrible, but…I’ve booked an overseas trip in May!!OMG

But I think this is not only me,
There must be many people traveling this spring vacation!!

So this time, I investigated the impact of coronavirus on overseas travel.
And wrote down like that▼

  •  About coronavirus (Infection route / symptoms)
  •  Countries that should not go (with World Corona Map)

Let’s Check it out !!

About Coronavirus

About Coronavirus

★Get a rough understanding of coronavirus before traveling abroad! 

A coronavirus that began in Wuhan, China, around December 2019. The number of infected people has increased in a blink of an eye, and in China almost all areas except Qinghai and Tibet are still increasing.

The Coronavirus spread around the world during the Chinese New Year.
I would like to summarize it in order not to spread the coronavirus anymore.

  •  that How are coronaviruses transmitted?
  •  What happens if infected?

Coronavirus Transmission Route

Coronavirus Transmission Route

Coronavirus can be transmitted in two ways, but the scary thing is that aerosol infection is the main way!
And it is said that the infection rate is higher than other viruses.

Therefore, to prevent this…

  1.  You need to wear a mask to prevent aerosol
  2. Use hand washing and disinfection to prevent contact infection.

The use of eye shields is also recommended, as infections through the conjunctiva can also occur.

Coronavirus Symptoms

Coronavirus Symptoms

If you get a coronavirus, the above symptoms appear, but there are many people who are minor illness or cure.
In case of Japan, Fever and respiratory symptoms last about a week, and many people seem to feel dull.

However, the elderly and those with underlying diseases are at high risk of becoming more severe.
More than 10% of 208 people who had a positive pcr test in Japan are became severity.

In the world (now 3rd March),
90,937 infected people, and 3,117 died (3.4% mortality).

The momentum of that increase is not declining. (At first, the mortality rate, which was said to be 2%, gradually increased to 3.6% in China alone…)

World Coronavirus Map

World Coronavirus Map

★Understand the current overseas situation and judge calmly whether to go overseas or cancel !!

I was looking forward to traveling abroad … I would like to go if possible …! There are many people who say! (me too!!)
But you should avoid countries with high numbers of infected people.

▼This is a World Corona Map in 3rd March.

World Corona Map in 3rd March
Source:Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS

Currently, there are 90,937 people infected with coronavirus worldwide, of which 3,117 died and 48,063 recovered.

At present, more than 100 people are infected in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. And Japan is one of the countries with many infected people.

As already mentioned,
I do not recommend traveling to countries with a high number of infected people, as the infection rate of coronavirus is high.

★Total more than 100 infected ※3rd March 2020.
China(80,000)・Korea(4812)・Iran(1501)・Japan(274)・Singapore(108)・Hong Kong(100)
<North America>
・Diamond Prince(706)
★Less than 100 infected ※3rd March 2020.
・Taiwan(42)・Thailand(43)・Malaysia(29)・Macau(10)・Bahrain(49)・Kuwait(56)・Iraq(26)・United Arab Emirates(21)・Israel(12)・Oman(6)・Pakistan(5)・Lebanon(13)・Azerbaijan(3)・Indonesia(2)・Philippines(3)・Afghanistan(1)・Qatar(7)・Armenia(1)・Vietnam(16)・India(5)・Nepal(1)・Cambodia(1)・Sri Lanka(1)・Saudi Arabia(1)
・UK(40)・Switzerland(42)・Norway(25)・Austria(18)・Sweden(15)・Netherlands(18)・Croatia(7)・Greece(7)・Finland(6)・Romania(3)・Georgia(3)・Denmark(4)・Czech Republic(4)・Belgium(8)・Estonia(1)・Northern Macedonia(1)・Lithuania(1)・Belarus(1)・Iceland(9)・Monaco(1)・Ireland(1)・Luxembourg(1)・San Marino(8)・Russia(3)・Portugal(2)・Andorra(1)・Latvia(1)
<North America>
・Canada(27)・Mexico(5)・Dominican Republic(1)
<South America>
・Australia(31)・new Zealand(1)
<African continent>

▼ This Site you can check the number of infected in real time
Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS


I’m looking forward to traveling abroad…Probably I’ll cancel.
And consider yourself too.
Coronavirus has a high infection rate and is very dangerous …

I wish the coronavirus calms down soon…!
And don’t get infected in Japan!!!!