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【Drag Queen Show】Calypso Cabaret Bangkok! Photo,Video,Price

CalypsoCabaret in Bankok

Well, The travel report in Thailand is also the end.

On the third day, We played in a pool of the hotel, and ate Taisuki in the town, and…

I went to see the calypso cabaret in Asiatique at night!

ASIQTIQUE is a big night play facility with a good atmosphere and very fun, and you can see the DragQueen-show on it!


This is a present trip to parents-in-law!

If they don’t get to see the DragQueen-show in Thailand, Their journey can not be over! !!

I went there for that !!

I have a good seat and Father got a present from Ladyboy …! Lol

Then please take a look!

Thai’s Drag Queen Show
Calypso Cabaret Bangkok


Calypso Cabaret in Asiatique is a Drag Queen Show that celebrates its 30th anniversary this year (2019)!

Of course, we saw it when we came in before, we enjoyed it more than we expected, so we wanted our parents to see it!

The cast is Ladyboy and the Calypso Boys who show songs and dances!

The program is easy for tourists to understand. It is a show that takes about 1 hour, such as ones using famous music from around the world such as Korea, China, Japan, and famous Western music.

I took a lot of photos and videos, that was OK!

Let’s see it!!

Get the Ticket


I made a reservation in Japan in advance!

First, when I arrived at Asiatique, show the printed paper at the reception desk and exchange it for a ticket.

Our seat is…A1~A4

That means…there is a seat what such thing or…!!


Enter the time has come


When it is time, show the ticket to the entrance staff and go up to the second floor.

It is finally the beginning of the show …

Do Toilet before the Show


The toilet here is quite clean◎! (important!) So I recommend that you use the toilet here!

Calypso Show Hall


A show hall was sparkling!

There is staff inside, and when I showed the ticket, they guided me to our seat!

Calypso Seating Chart


The seating chart was like this! The red circle is a table.

Our A1-4 seats are … The first seat in the middle!! 

Order a Drink


The staff came to take order the drinks when we arrived!

This show ticket with a free drink!

There are some soft drinks and also alcohol too◎!

It can choose a drink from on the right side of the show ticket!

The show started while I was drinking!


That’s Calypso Show
Picture and Movie

Well, from here, I would like to add photos and videos of what Calypso Cabaret felt like.

As you can see, Calypso Cabaret was OK to take photos and videos!

It’s better to UP on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter cuz They have an account◎!

Last time I uploaded the video to Instagram, I got the “good’ from cast himself !! lol

Calypso Cabaret has begun All voices are men


The song is sloppy, but the introduction makes a voice. It was a “man”! lol

The theme is China


There is a theme for each program. This team is China.

The Rock Program Both Man and LadyBoy Dance


Watch! Plenty of breasts! Nothing crotch!

“Ladyboy also cut out adam’s apple” the taxi driver said on the way back. Nah, I see …!

Last time Beyonce Now Rihanna


This is a mimic show! Two years ago, it was Beyonce, but now it has been changed to Rihanna!  Oh, the…Dissimilar……lol (Janet Jackson, isn’t he??)

Even Calypso Boy wears a BIKINI


The left is Ladyboy, and the right is Calypso Boy.

Speaking a little more easily, the left DO NOT HAVE, and the right HAVE.

Dance is not 100 points


It’s about 7…60points. lol,  Maybe some people have been working for a long time, who couldn’t up his hands to the shoulders.

That is Calypso Cabaret including it.

Calypso Cabaret Celebrates the 30th Anniversary

Calypso Cabaret celebrates its 30th anniversary

Congrats! I will come again!

That’s Calypso Cabaret

Calypso Cabaret

Hmm? Is it boring?? Oh…so Let’s show you the amazing video!

Calypso Cabaret
Laugh Movie

Well, here is my favorite Japanese program!

This is … funny!! 

A man from the middle part will be locked on! Have a look!

My Father-in-law Kissed Him


I thought I was wondering if it happened …

After all this seat (A1 or A2) was a special seat that can receive a kiss!

No ~ I guess he got the best memories! LOL

The kiss mark is also a Japanese-style professional shape! LOL

Take a Photo with a
Beautiful Ladyboy


When the show is over, casts are lined up outside the corridor, so you can take your favorite casts and photos!

Tip rate is About 40~50B

It is a good manner to give a tip to the cast which you took a picture with!

It seems to be good to give out about Two20B bills(=40Baht) or One 50B bill◎!


Calypso Cabaret Bangkok
How to get to ASIATIQUE

Finally, it is the way to Asiatique!

Getting to Asiatique is not so difficult!!

There are two ways to go to ASIATIQUE,
Route① go to by TRAIN & BOAT
Route② go to by TUKTUK or TAXI

I will explain easily with an illustration!

How to get to ASIATIQUE

Take by Train + Boat

①-1:   aim at『Span Taksin Station』by Train
①-2:   Change to Boat 
①-3:   go to ASIATIQUE by Free Boat !!

Rout①-1: aim at『Span Taksin Station』by Train

Bangkok Route Map

Bangkok tourist site route train boat Map

※Click on the map to enlarge! Please save and use locally! (Please note that we can not take responsibility even if there are mistakes or changes in the contents …)
※If you want to use it for commercial use, please be sure to put a link on this page

At first, aim at 『Saphan Takshin Station』

『Saphan Taksin Station』 is just on the side of Chao Phraya River and is also a『Sathorn pier』!

At the bottom of the middle of the map is 『Saphan Taksin Station』.

Route①-2: Change to Boat

 Bangkok Boat Route Map

Bangkok tourist site route train boat Map

※Click on the map to enlarge! Please save and use locally! (Please note that we can not take responsibility even if there are mistakes or changes in the contents …)
※If you want to use it for commercial use, please be sure to put a link on this page

A short walk from Saphan Taksin Station Exit 2 is Sathorn Pier!

There is a free pick-up ship to Asiatique at the very end, so please wait for the boat there!

Rout①-3: go to ASIATIQUE by Free Boat !!

There is a free pick-up boat from the dock, and it takes about 10 minutes to get to ASIATIQUE!

Please note that the Free boat business time is… from 16:00 to 23:00!

Go to by TUK-TUK or TAXI

There are also be going to ASIATIQUE by TUK-TUK or TAXI◎!

As I stayed at a hotel near 『SaphanTaksin station』, so I went to ASIATIQUE from there, by TUK-TUK It was 60 to 100B for two people! (When there were many people and return way was 150-200 baht …!)

However, it seems that it costs at least 200B if it is a taxi or more…(Because most  taxis negotiate)

ASIATIQUE Adress & Map

Charoenkrung Soi 72-76, Charoenkrung Road, Wat Phrayakrai District, Bangkok Laem, Bangkok 10120

ซอยเจริญกรุง 72-76 ถนนเจริญกรุง แขวงวัดพระยาไกร เขตบางคอแหลม กรุงเทพฯ 10120


Location of Calypso CabaretMap

Here is the entire map of the Asiatique. It looks small in the figure, but it is quite a large  facility!

In the area of ​​the red circle, there is a reception and venue for the Calypso Cabaret! Please complete the reception here and receive a ticket!

Calypso Cabaret
Ticket / Price

The last is how to book a ticket!

You may go and buy directly on the day, but it is recommended that you make a reservation in advance!

Because it is cheaper to make a reservation than buying at the ticket window.

Official Price

・Reservation price from official HP= 900B($30)
・Calypso ticket window(directly) price=1200B

It is a price issued on the following official website.

(The show has 19:30 performances and 21:00 performances twice a day! )

VELTRA can be reserved the Same Price of Official HP

You can make a reservation with VELTRA as well as the official HP at the same price (900B)! 

And You can also add a transfer if you pay an additional fee.

Book Calypso Cabaret


How was it? This is a Thai Drag Queen show! I enjoyed it a lot !!

Especially this time I think I was able to give the best present for my parents-in-law !!

Calypso Cabaret was interesting, but this ASIATIQUE is also quite an interesting spot and recommended, so I would like to write it next time!

See you again!!

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