【ASIATIQUE】Restaurant,Show,Souvenir,Massage shop and Map

【ASIATIQUE】Restaurant,Show,Souvenir,Massage shop and Map


I wanna go to Asiatique but I don’t know what to see…

This time to those who said …
I would like to write a recommended Asiatique gourmet,show, massage and souvenir shop!

Asiatique is one of the best night play spots in Bangkok!

I had a lot of fun when I came two years ago, but… It was level up!

Let’s play at one of night play spot that both tourists and locals can enjoy!

Night play Spots in Bangkok

Night play Spots in Bangkok ASIATIQUE & Map

★Asiatique is the night market and night play facility in Bangkok!

Asiatique was built by renovating the area just off the Chao Phraya River, which was originally a dock for diplomacy.

there is everything like food shop, clothes shop, souvenir shop, and attractions…! There are about 1,500 stores here!

The really fun facility there is!!



This huge night market is divided into several districts.

・Restaurants line up on the riversideWaterfront district
・Latest fashion shops and fashionable restaurants gatherFactory district
・Food court and outdoor event squareTown Square district
・Cheap souvenir shop line upChareonkrung District

However, if you enter it, you will not be aware of the district!

Because it is a quite large place and there are many shops, you can enjoy walking and watching there!

I would like to introduce the places where I went and watched, ate, and played.

Food Court & Restaurant

ASIATIQUE FOOD Food Court & Restaurant

ASIATIQUE has food from all over the world, but what I wanted to eat is Thai food!

Here, I’ll introduce the interesting stalls on the riverside, the Thai restaurant in the food court I actually ate, and the recommended mango shop for dessert!

Stalls on the riverside

ASIATIQUE FOOD① Stalls on the riverside

The Thai food stall on the riverside has become more beautiful than it was two years ago!

Last time, it didn’t look so good because It had few people and there were insects on the rice…BUT!!

It became wonderful space! (It’s not so cheap thought!)

This time I ate at food court in another place that I did a preliminary survey, but there were many looks delicious food stalls here as well, so I’d like to post a photo!

Riverside Stalls Location


Near attractions

The location is in the yellow square, near the river and attractions!

There are tables and chairs around this stalls, so you can eat there!


Street stalls


The stalls are lined up

After passing through the fashionable gates, cute stalls lined up!

The mango shop on the right is 100B (US$3.2)!


Thai food stall

Look! Pad Thai and Thai fried rice are prepared so much!

After ordering, it will be warmed with an iron plate and served!


Satay shop

Chicken or beef satay are lined up. All 60B($1.9)per.


Fried food shop

Mainly fried food shop of seafood and cheese balls!



This is a delicacy shop that stands out! Crocodile and Snake!

Can you eat this…?



Thai food “Kamlangsib”

ASIATIQUE FOOD② Food court "Kamlangsib"

From here, please take a look at “Kamlangsib”!

“Kamlangsib” is the main restaurant of Khao Man Gai, but most Thai food on the menu!

And what’s important is the TASTE… The Thai food was delicious no matter what I ate!

This is a really recommended shop, so I will post the photos and menus in detail!

“Kamlangsib” Location


“Town Square 6” in the food court

The entire place marked 6 on the map is a food court, and “Kamlangsib” is in it.
There is a shop in the middle of the area with a small yellow dot!

The landmarks are “blue tent” and “3 chicken marks”!

Menu & Price range

I have taken some photos, but not all! The price of food is roughly like this ↓

・Fried food 120~150B ($3.85~4.8)
・Khao Mangai Set 129B ($4.15)
・Shrimp curry 239B ($7.65)
Poo Phad Pong curry 429B ($13.75)
・Beer 85B ($2.7)
・Soft drink 30B ($1)

Menu & Ordering method

Ordering is easy! Stuff will give you a list with food numbers and food names, so just select what you want to eat from the menu and check the numbers!


What I ate at Kamlangsib

We were pretty hungry so I ordered a lot! This is what I orderd!

Pan-Fried Thin Noodles (169B)

Pan-Fried Thin Noodles (169B)

I love this Thai flat noodle! !!

The noodles are bigger than Pad Thai,It tastes delicious!!

カオマンガイ Steamed Chicken Set (129B)

Steamed Chicken(Khao Man Gai) Set (129B)

My husband ordered a set of Khao Man Gai! It’s about 450yen, so it’s cheap!

The chicken was delicious!


Fried shrimp

I don’t know the name because I haven’t taken a picture of the menu…This is a fried shrimp and mushrooms seasoned with garlic and soy sauce, which was incredibly delicious! !!


It was a service!

This is a stir-fried dish that looks like Kousin Sai, It was a service!

It smelled like garlic and it was delicious!

In addition, Thai rice fried rice was also great!

I didn’t take a picture, but the fried rice that my mother-in-law ordered was also very delicious!

It’s made with Thai rice, so it’s fluffy, and South-asia fried rice has a different taste from Japan or China! I love it!!

Payment: 6 foods + 6 drinks = 1176B ($37.6)


We ate a lot…lol And there was a 10% service charge (107B=$3.4)!

That was the recommended restaurant “Kamlangsib”!

Mango shop “MangoTango”

ASIATIQUE FOOD③ Mango shop "MangoTango"

 Speaking of Asia, Mango!

Mango is cheap and delicious in Thailand, there is a representative shop in ASIATIQUE!

That is “Mango Tango”! It is a fashionable mango shop!

“MangoTango” Location


Edge of “Chareonkrung district 1”

The Mango Tango shop is “Chareonkrung district 1”, near the star in the image, along the edge wall!

Tables and mango goods are lined up around the shops, so it’s easy to understand!


“MangoTango” Menu


All menus were about 105220B(=$3.37~7)! The shop is fashionable, but the menu is also fashionable!

Here is what we ordered▼
『2-2 MangoTango+ExtraStickyRice』

マンゴ・タンゴもち米プレート (220B)

MangoTango+ExtraStickyRice 220B($7)

On this plate were half fresh mango, mango pudding, mango ice cream, sticky-rice and coconut sauce!

After all, the fresh mango was ripe and sweet and the most delicious!


Service mango smoothie

A mango smoothie is included with the purchase of 390B or more for a limited time campaign!

Bill: 440B×2=440B($14)


I ordered two of the above plates and it was 440B with a service mango smoothie!

It’s very expensive to eat mango in Japan, so I’m glad I could eat mango, ice cream and pudding at this price!

Next, we will introduce the shows and attractions in ASIATIQUE!

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